Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cars 3: Jack DePost (Tow Cap)

Cars 3: Jack DePost

Hello and welcome once again to another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast review! Today I'm taking a look at Jack DePost (or better known by his sponsor, Tow Cap No. 4), yet another Piston Cup racer seen at the beginning of the film. Jack is the successor of Rusty Cornfuel, who was the Tow Cap racer (with the same number) seen in the original Cars. Their designs are different, but ultimately extremely similar.

This diecast was first available at Kmart stores during this year's Kmart Cars 3 event on Saturday, June 17 (that's where I picked him up). This is not a Kmart exclusive however; it was more of what they called a "first to market", as in Kmart was the first to get him, but I believe he's already had a wider release.

Cars 3 mattel Jack DePost
Cars 3 mattel Jack DePost

Currently Jack is only available on a single card like the one I have here, but I'm assuming we'll see him re-released in other multipacks in the future. Be sure to visit your local Target, Kmart, Walmart or Toys R Us if you're still looking to track this one down! He should be pretty easy to find. This is a very basic release (not too much to go into here, hence the short review), but he's essential if you're trying to complete your Piston Cup racer collection.

If you'd rather just grab him online, click on the direct Amazon link below to purchase. Happy hunting!

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