Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cars 3: Piston Cup Showdown Game

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

Start your engines! Tonight I'm taking a look at this super fun Cars 3 inspired game from Spin Master called "Piston Cup Showdown." This is essentially a plastic, kid powered racing game version of the classic "Red Light, Green Light" with a simple premise: the first racer to reach the Piston Cup wins!

It's Lightning McQueen VS Jackson Storm. Who will win? After the batteries are inserted (requires 3 AAA, not included), hit the top of the Piston Cup to turn on/begin the game. When the light turns green, each player pumps their "gas pedal" button as fast as they can and the cars will inch forward towards the Piston Cup trophy. Slow down when the light turns yellow and be sure to be stopped before it turns red! If either or both racers are caught pumping after the light turns red, the announcer will tell you to move back to start and that "you don't win the Piston Cup by cheatin'..."

As mentioned, just reach that Piston Cup before the other racer does and you win the game! Pull back the cars to the starting point and play again. It really is that simple, but it's very fun and very effective—even for us grown-ups! Admittedly, my wife and I have played this a few times on our own and even she had a fun time.

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

Here's everything that comes in the box. There's really only nine pieces and it only takes about two minutes to put together. Once assembled, the entire game/track measures about 22" long.

NOTE: See it in action on YouTube HERE.

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review
cars 3 piston cup showdown game review
cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

This game is fast pace and features lights, sound effects and phrases. The box suggests that it's best for kids ages 5+ and I would agree. My four year old nephew had fun with it when I tested it out with him, but he didn't master the whole concept of stopping when the light turned yellow and didn't want to keep pushing his racer back to start. I could understand his frustration at that age, so I just went with it. It does require some strength to hit that button and to do so rapidly.

I picked this up at Toys R Us for my birthday back in May, but I'm sure you can find it wherever games like this are sold (Target and Walmart perhaps?). If you'd rather just pick it up online, I've included a direct link to Amazon below! Retail is $19.99.

I can highly recommended this for all those Cars 3 fans out there! What do you think? Do you have this game? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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