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Toy Story: Jingle Joe Movie Collectible Figure

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

For over 20 years, many of us diehard Toy Story fans and collectors have hoped that we'd someday get full scale replicas of Sid's classic mutant toys. Unfortunately, no luck yet all these years later (and it's not looking too promising anymore)—however there have been a few fun action figures/figurines that have been released and were available a while back.

One such figure is this 2009 Toys R Us exclusive "Movie Collectibles" Jingle Joe! I missed getting this guy when he was originally released, but I was lucky enough to snag him on eBay recently for a really decent price. I had been trying to snatch this one up for years, so I'm absolutely thrilled to finally have him as part of my collection.

Note: This Toy Story "Movie Collectibles" line by Mattel had some amazing (and unique) premium figures. In additional to Jingle Joe here, there was also a fantastic Rocky Gibraltar figure, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, "Bug Face" Buzz Lightyear, "Cereal Dunk" Woody, Hamm and Bo Peep. What a superb lineup right? Great packaging too.

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

In the film, Jingle Joe is seen in Sid's room and is one odd looking dude. If you remember, he's the toy that hilariously turns off Woody's flashlight upon coming out from under the bed. This character design defines mutant—He has a "Combat Carl" head atop of what's essentially Pixar's version of a melody push chime toy and a single Mikey Mouse arm/glove coming out of his side. Like who came up with this?

You can tell how small this figure is compared to my hand in the pic below. He's approximately 2 1/4" tall and 2 1/2" wide.  He does roll, his head rotates and his arm can move up and down. Unfortunately there are no jingle sounds.

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

Check him out loose!

toy story sid's toys jingle joe
toy story sid's toys jingle joe

Other figures I have based on Sid's mutant toys are the ones in featured in THIS 2001 Hasbro "Sid's Room gift pack" (seen in my Instagram pic below—you can see this one goes with them pretty well) and THIS Toy Story "buddy pack" Baby Face figure as featured in a Target exclusive  "Sid's Room" 5-pack. There was also a 1996 Baby Face action figure, a 2010 remote controlled Baby Face by the Disney Store and a Baby Face included in a hot wheels set. That's basically it! Do you know of any others?

toy story sid's toys figures
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If you're interested in adding Jingle Joe to your collection, eBay is your best bet at this point. Be sure to check out current listings using this direct link and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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