Friday, September 22, 2017

Cars: "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

Cars "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I had a lot of fun visiting Cars Land this past summer and seeing all the new artwork released celebrating its five year anniversary. I purchased most of the prints there (in the 4x5" postcard size), one of them being this "Race Around Radiator Springs" piece by one of my favorite Disney/Pixar artists, Joey Chou!

If you've been following my posts (or social media) for a while, you know how much I've gushed about Chou's work in the past. If you missed my reviews on his previous works, check them out HERE! He's done some amazing Pixar prints based on The Good Dinosaur, Up, Finding Dory and now Cars.

Chou's style is incredibly adorable. It's the perfect balance of minimal designs, bright and soft colors and simple shapes/lines. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite of his, but this one is up there for sure! It just may be his most detailed yet.

Cars "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

I love the inclusion of the minimalistic Radiator Springs buildings, Willy's Butte, and the field of tractors. I also really appreciate how the car light flowers, cactuses and mountains fill the foreground and background, giving the art fantastic depth—everything is composed masterfully. Not to mention best friends Mater and McQueen look out of this world cute!

Below is a photo of inside Ramone's House of Body art in Cars Land where I found this print and many more. I've already reviewed most of them (check my "art" label to the right of this page), but there's still a couple more to go which I'm excited about.

Note: This should also be currently available at the Wonderground Gallery shop at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney

cars land house of body art pixar cars

Disney·Pixar Cars fans, you won't want to miss out on this print. Get it while you can! And, if you have the space, it's also available in a bigger matted print size and an even bigger wrapped canvas size (as seen in the pic above). This postcard size is a convenient size (as much as I wanted to go bigger) and affordable at only $4.95.

As usual, I greatly look forward to what's next from Mr. Joey Chou. Hopefully a Pixar Coco piece or something for Incredibles 2? Time will tell! Whatever it might be, consider it purchased. Find out more about Joey Chou and his art on his Tumblr, blog, and Facebook page. If you like what you see, give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter as well!

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