Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cars 3: Dinoco Cruz Ramirez

Cars 3 Dinoco Cruz Ramirez screen shot

I'm back with another Cars 3 Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review and this time I taking a brief look at Dinoco Cruz Ramirez! This version of the character was released clear back on May 1st and was part of the exciting initial launch of the Cars 3 diecasts. To this day she can easily be found on store shelves.

As shown in the screen shot above (I'm so glad I have Cars 3 on home video now so I can get these stills so much easier), Cruz appears this way during the film's epilogue. After she shows her chops as a fantastic racer during the big Florida 500 race, Tex Dinoco sponsors Cruz and buys Rust-Eze. She even sports Doc Hudson's number 51 in honor of his legacy!

Cars 3 Dinoco Cruz Ramirez mattel diecast

This diecast looks great overall. No complaints here! You can't really tell from my photos, but I especially love her metallic (almost glittery) yellow paint job and shiny blue rims. This is one that looks even cooler in person, so be sure to pick this Cruz up if you spot her in stores.

Cars 3 Dinoco Cruz Ramirez mattel diecast

Something I thought was crazy (I still don't understand it) is why this diecast was revealed and released almost two months before the film hit theaters. It's a total spoiler! No pun. Seriously, it gave away the ending/twist that Cruz becomes a racer and gets to live out Lightning's old dream of being sponsored by Dinoco. I do wish this design hadn't been so prevalent in the film's marketing and toy line before the film's release, but oh well. It's not like it ruined my experience, but I thought it was odd and wanted to bring it up.

If you still need to add this one to your Cars collection, you can find this diecast currently in stores at your local Walmart, Toys R Us or Target! If you'd rather shop online, I also included a direct link to Amazon below.

What are you thoughts?

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