Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coco: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Greeting Card (Art by Jerrod Maruyama)

pixar coco art jerrod maruyama

Coco finally hit US theaters nationwide tonight at 7pm and I just got back from viewing it for the second time. I loved the film just as much, if not more, this time around! To celebrate this long anticipated release, here we have a bit of fantastic art from my friend—you know him, you love him— Jerrod Maruyama! This stunning artwork features Miguel surrounded by six of his ancestors who he meets in the land of the dead: Mama Imelda, Tío Oscar, Tío Felipe, Tía Rosita, Papá Julio and Tía Victoria (all in Jerrod's signature and unmistakable "cute" stye).

The only way to currently get this artwork is here on this greeting card, which is available only at the Pixar Studio Store in Emeryville, CA. The inside is blank for your own sentiments and on the back is the classic (and simple) Pixar Animation Studios logo with Miguel cleverly in the place of the "i". I'm not sure if this design will ever get a wide release (like at the Disney Parks) or printed any bigger than this, but for now I'm going to go with no. Time will tell though.

pixar coco art jerrod maruyama

Jerrod has hit yet another home run with this Coco art he created. The stylized designs of the characters, all the fun fillers (skulls, flowers, bones, etc) and the eye popping colors make this piece up there with some of his best. I'm a huge fan!

A BIG thanks to Jerrod for sending this on over to me for my Pixar collection—and for signing it as well! It's perfection. It will surely be cherished as the beautiful and rare art piece that it is.

What are your thoughts on this Coco art? Pretty awesome right? Shout it out in the comments below and be sure check out Jerrod's blog HERE to learn more about him and is work. If you like what you see (how could you not), you can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Dribbble and Twitter.

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