Saturday, November 18, 2017

Coco: Complete Tsum Tsum Collection

pixar coco disney store tsum tsum collection

Tuesday, November 7th saw the release of the brand Coco Tsum Tsums collection at the Disney Store and! As a Tsum Tsum fan, I was so excited to see another Pixar based series come along—and just in time for when the film hits on the 22nd (just FOUR days away)!

In this collection there are seven fantastic characters: Dante, Miguel, Mama Imelda, Hector, Ernesto de la Cruz, Mama Coco and Pepita. Interestingly enough, there was also suppose to be a non-skeleton Miguel and a skeleton Ernesto de la Cruz (seen HERE). I wonder what happened? Were they straight up cancelled or will they show up in some future collection? I guess time will tell. UPDATE—See end of post

These plushies are part of the Tsum Tsum "mini" collection and are the standard 3 1/3" size. Like usual, they're soft with super great embroidered features and retail for $5.95 each.

Take a closer look at each one below!

Dante & Miguel
pixar coco tsum tsum dante miguel

Mama Imelda & Hector 
pixar coco tsum tsums

Ernesto de la Cruz & Mama Coco
pixar coco tsum tsums

pixar coco tsum tsums pepita

Standouts for me include Dante (that tongue!) and the colorful Pepita—though they're all really well done. I also have to note the superb embroidered designs on the skeletons/Miguel and the great use of fabrics/materials across the board. So detailed! Lastly, I love that Mama Coco is included in this collection as this is the first piece of merchandise I've seen released of the character.

Pick these up at your local Disney Store before they're gone or snag them on their website right HERE. Have you purchased any of these yet? Which one is your favorite? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE 1/03/18:
Well guys, the mystery is solved! As mentioned in my original write-up above, a non-skeleton Miguel and a skeleton version of Ernesto were originally planned as part of the main Disney Store Coco Tsum Tsum collection. Surprise! While still no sign of skeleton Ernesto in the US (turns out he's a Disney Store Mexico exclusive, but he IS out there), the non-skeleton Miguel Tsum is now being sold exclusively at Toys R Us. Not only that, but he is accompanied by a previously unrevealed Tsum...non-skeleton/alive Hector (complete with goatee)! How cool right? You can find both of these in the Tsum Tsum section of your local Toys R Us.

human alive hector and miguel non-skeleton tsum tsums

Once again, I love all the little touches/details with these guys. I especially love Miguel's look, notably his mole, the guitar on his back and the way his hood is up! I'm so thrilled that these ended up being produced and released...though it was in a strange roundabout way. I wonder what happened and why these got a random Toys R Us release after the fact?

And one question remains: Will skeleton Ernesto ever get released in the US? Or will he remain a rarity? There is one currently on eBay, but the asking price is WAY to high.

What do you think? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

human alive hector and miguel non-skeleton tsum tsums

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