Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cars 3: Chase Racelott (Vitoline)

Cars 3: Chase Racelott

Hey everyone! It's real late here, but I definitely wanted to fit in today's post. I'm going to keep things short and simple tonight with another Cars 3 Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review! Here is Chase Racelott, or better known by his sponsor Vitoline (No. 24). Chase is a sleek "next-gen" racer who supersedes James Cleanair (Vitoline racer in the original Cars) and Brick Yardley (who appears in some early scenes in Cars 3).

Other than obviously being seen on the racetrack early in the film and at the Florida 500 race, Chase is actually also featured briefly in a RSN (Racing Sports Network) interview. He's the one who says "Let me put it this way. I'm not losing any sleep wondering where Lightning McQueen is"—as shown in the screen shot above. He also congratulates Cruz on her big win saying "You really had it rollin' today." It's cool that this racer has more screen time (compared to the usual blink and you miss it moment) and even some lines of dialogue!

FUN FACT: This car is voiced by (and named after) real life NASCAR driver Chase Elliott.

Cars 3: Chase Racelott

I totally LOVE the green colors and shiny/metallic graphics on this one. What a gorgeous and vibrant looking diecast! 

Cars 3: Chase Racelott

I found Chase at Walmart a few weeks back, so keep checking your local stores (Target and Toys R Us are always good options too) if you're looking to add this car to your collection! If you'd rather just spend a few more bucks and pick him up online, I included an Amazon link below as well.

Happy hunting!

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