Friday, February 16, 2018

Cars 3: Terry Kargas (Triple Dent)

pixar cars 3 terry kargas mattel

I know I've been posting a lot of cars lately (don't worry—I have lots more to share from other films), but bear with me. This one is extra cool since this isn't just your average background race car seen in Cars 3. He's also an Easter egg! Tonight I'm taking a look at the Mattel 1:55 scale diecast of Terry Kargas—AKA the Triple Dent racer (No. 31)! He's a stock car seen at the beginning of the film before being replaced by the next-gen racer.

If you're not catching what the reference/Easter egg is here, think back to 2015's Inside Out. Remember the gum commercial joke with the catchy jingle? "Triple Dent Gum will make you smile, Triple Dent Gum it lasts a while, Triple Dent Gum will help you mister, to punch bad breath right in the kisser. Triple Dent Gum!" There you go... the sponsor Triple Dent is the Easter egg here (only in this instance it's not gum– it's "Spearmint Flavored Dent Fillers"). So clever! 

pixar cars 3 terry kargas mattel

As a Pixar mega fan, I love the whole Easter egg hunt when it comes to each film. It's so cool to have one of them represented here on this diecast! If it wasn't for that, he would just be a normal racer; but the fact that the sponsor here is a reference to Inside Out takes the coolness factor up a notch or two.

pixar cars 3 terry kargas mattel

Find Terry in stores now! Though this is a late 2017 release, he's still popping up in stores across in US (I found him not too long ago at Walmart). There is also a version out there from a different case that comes with a collector card, so look out for that one as well.

Happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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