Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Up: "A Life of Adventure" (Art by Jerrod Maruyama)—Deluxe Print!

disney pixar up art print "a life of adventure" by Jerrod Maruyama

As a huge fan of artist Jerrod Maruyama's work, I just about flip my lid each time he reveals a new Pixar inspired piece of his. This time was no exception. From the moment this art was officially revealed (back in early January), I knew it was a non-negotiable "must have" for me. Well, thanks to my parents (who were able to track this down for me during their visit to Walt Disney World last week), I'm now the proud owner of this brand new Up inspired "A Life of Adventure" print by the master of cute himself!

This beautiful piece just debuted at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts on February 9th and was available to purchase there during the following days. My parents were able to find it in/near the France pavilion, though I'm not sure if it's still available there now that the festival is over. One place it should be available at for sure is Disney's Wonderground Gallery in Disney Springs (WDW))/Downtown Disney (DL). If you can't make it there to either of those locations, keep in mind that art like this usually makes its way to the ShopDisneyParks app and/or the ShopDisney website at one point or another. Lastly, you can always call the Disney Parks Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order Hotline at 877-560-6477 and see if they can have it sent to you.

disney pixar up art print "a life of adventure" by Jerrod Maruyama

Just like Jerrod's Cars Land print I posted on last Tuesday, this is a 14"x18" Deluxe size matted print. Retail price is $39.99. There is also a small 5"x7" postcard size version ($4.95) and a magnet you can find as well.

Note: I picked up a simple black 14"x18" frame at Michael's craft store and it works perfectly (will show off my final framing/mounting job here tomorrow). The size of the print without the matte is 11 2/5'' H x 9'' W.

disney pixar up art print "a life of adventure" by Jerrod Maruyama

Given that Up is one of Jerrod's absolute favorite Pixar films, I can imagine how much fun it was for him to work on this tribute. What a cool opportunity! As a fan myself, I really appreciate all the small details and the thought that was put into every aspect of this design. It's colorful, it's adorable and, like the film, has so much heart. I especially love the family photo wall gallery layout! What a cool idea. Jerrod's signature style truly shines here.

Up fans, you will love this print and I can't recommend it enough. Don't delay— pick it up soon while it's still available and be sure to let me know your thoughts/any questions you might have in the comments below! You can also reach out to Jerrod directly through his blog HERE or any of his social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr & Dribbble).

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