Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cars 3: H.J. Hollis (N2O Cola)

Cars 3: H.J. Hollis (N20 Cola)

Welcome back Cars collectors! Today I'm taking a closer look at H. J. Hollis (better known by his sponsor N2O Cola— No. 68), one of the sleek new "next-gen" racers seen in Cars 3. As usual, this is a 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel and was part of last year's 2017 mainline. This one was really hard to come by in my area, but I was lucky enough to have found him this past week at my local Kmart of all places! It was such a pleasant and random find, given that I haven't found anything good at Kmart in like a decade.

As shown in the screen shot above, H. J. can clearly be seen racing in the Florida 500 at the end of the film (you can also spot him briefly during some of the races earlier on in the film as well). He supersedes Manny Flywheel (from the original Cars) and Parker Brakeston (Cars 3 stock car), who also raced for N2O Cola.

Cars 3 H.J. Hollis (N20 Cola) diecast

This is for sure one of my favorite next-gen racers released so far! LOVE the colors.

Cars 3 H.J. Hollis (N20 Cola) diecast

Be on the lookout for this one at your local Walmart, Kmart, Target or Toys R Us! This was a late 2017 release, so there's still a chance he could hit your area if he hasn't already. There's also another version out there with a bonus collector card, so be sure to keep your eye peeled for that one as well!

If you'd rather just snag H. J. online to save running around, check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the direct link below. Happy hunting!

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