Thursday, April 18, 2019

Toy Story 4: Your Guide to Bo Peep Toys! (Thinkway, Mattel & Disney Store)

Hi everyone! Here's something I've been working on for all you Toy Story fans and collectors out there (myself included). With all the Toy Story 4 merch officially hitting stores this week, you may have already noticed that there are a ton of versions of the new Bo Peep being released—from full scale toys to smaller action figures; some with sounds and some without. Heck, even a Barbie style Bo with brushable rooted hair. Honestly it can be a bit overwhelming keeping track of them all, so I wanted to make this definitive guide to help you narrow down what you (or your kids) are personally looking for in a Bo Peep toy. I know it's helping me!

Maybe you're the type of completest collector that will end up buying all of these (if that's your thing, then more power to you). But maybe you're more like me and are just looking for one that's the best, most movie accurate version to add to your collection—and some of the smaller scale figures as well. Whatever type of collector you are and whatever your budget, there's certainly something here for everyone. 

Below you will see all the currently known toys of Bo Peep out there from three companies: Thinkway Toys, Mattel and the Disney Store. And though I don't have a picture of it yet, it has been confirmed that a Toy Story Signature Collection Bo Peep (with sheep) will also be released! There are no photos or additional info at this time, but I'll add it here as soon as it surfaces. UPDATE—added below.

Anyway, onto the toys!

toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Talking Action Figure (Plastic, Some Articulation, 13.5" Tall )
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Non-Talking Figure (Plastic, "Posable", 13.5" Tall)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Deluxe Talking Adventure Figure (Plastic, Articulated, Fabric Clothing, 13.5" Tall)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep & Giggles McDimple Interactive Talking Friends (Plastic, Articulated, Fabric Clothing, 13.5" Tall, Giggles included)
toy story signature collection bo peep
Signature Collection Bo Peep and Sheep (13.5" Tall, Classic Look, Plastic, Fabric Clothing)

toy story 4 bo peep toys
Epic Moves Bo Peep Action Doll (Includes Giggle McDimples, Rooted "Barbie" Doll Style Hair, Posable, 12" Tall)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep 7" Action Figure

Bo Peep  7" Action Figure, with Exclusive Giggle McDimples (Available in this "Adventure 4-Pack", found on Amazon)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep "True Talkers" Talking 7" Action Figure

toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Talking Action Figure(13" Tall, Plastic, Fabric Clothing, Articulated)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Medium Plush (18.5" Tall)
toy story 4 bo peep toys
Bo Peep Pixar Toy Box Action Figure (Stylized, Articulated, 5" Tall)
Bo Peep Figure from Disney Store Deluxe Figure Set (3"-4" Tall)

Out of these, I'm leaning towards the Disney Store version or the Thinkway Deluxe Talking Adventure Figure (though it's a bummer those ones don't come with Giggles McDimple). However, even though I haven't seen any photos yet, I'll probably end up going for the Signature Collection one regardless (which will hopefully be the best and have everything, including Giggles). I also plan on collecting the 7" action figure line too, so that Bo Peep will be a must. UPDATE—Signature Bo photos added above. It ended up being her classic look of course!

Some other smaller Bo Peep toys to look out for are the Mattel Toy Story "minis" figure, the Imaginext figure, the LEGO minfigure, Funko POP!/mystery mini vinyl figures and the Fisher-Price Little People figure. I'll be picking those up as well.

Which version (or versions) of Bo Peep are you planning on purchasing? Which one do you feel is the most screen accurate so far? Which of these toys is your personal favorite? Shout out all your thoughts below! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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