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Toy Story 4: Forky Toys—Your Guide to All the Versions!

toy story 4 forky toys

"Why am I alive?" Good question Forky, hopefully we find out the answer in less than two months when we all see Toy Story 4! In the meantime, tons of collectors and kids alike already love you and are clamoring for your merch— and there is A LOT of it out there. "Which Forky should I buy?" is the question on all Toy Story fans' minds right now. I know it might be overwhelming, but don't fret! I've created this guide to all the main Forky toys currently out there (just like I recently did with Bo Peep and Bunny & Ducky) to hopefully help you narrow it down and decide which one (or two or three) fits your needs. Honestly, this guide is just as much for me as it is for you!

Whatever type of collector you are and whatever your budget, there's certainly something here for everyone. Do you want a large Forky or a small one? Do you want one that talks? Do you want one that moves? Do you want one that moves AND talks? Maybe you want plush Forky to cuddle with? Or maybe you'd like to create your own Forky? You name it, they made it.

Below you will see all the currently known toys of Forky out there from the four main companies: Thinkway Toys, Mattel, the Disney Store and Just Play Toys. I've done the best I could getting the right sizes listed here, but some of them may be approximate. Either way, they're certainly close enough and you'll get the idea.

Anyway, onto the toys!

toy story 4 forky toys
Interactive Forky—Walks, Talks & Dance (Sounds, 9.5" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Walk & Tap Forky (No Sounds, 7" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Forky Talking Action Figure (Sounds, 7.5" Tall)
Push 'N Talk Forky (Sounds, 8.5" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Pull 'N Go Forky with Wacky Action (No Sounds, 5" Tall)

toy story 4 forky toys
True Talkers Forky (7" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Forky Basic Figure (4" Tall)

disney store talking forky action figure
Disney Store Forky Talking Action Figure (7" Tall, Sounds)
toy story 4 forky toys
Disney Store Forky Small Core Plush (11" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Forky Toy Box Figure (3" Tall)
toy story 4 forky toys
Forky Figure from Disney Store Deluxe Figure Set (1.5"-2" Tall)

toy story 4 forky toys
Forky Plush (8" Tall)

toy story 4 forky toys
toy story 4 forky toys
Shop Disney / Disney Store Exclusive
toy story 4 forky toys
toy story 4 forky toys
toy story target dollar spot create your own forky
$1 Target Dollar Spot Create Your Own Forky
make your own forky craft kit
Forky Craft Kit

Some other smaller Forky toys to look out for are the Mattel Toy Story "minis" figures, the Imaginext figure, the LEGO minfigure, Funko POP!/mystery mini vinyl figures and the Fisher-Price Little People figure. Those are ones I'll be picking up for sure. If any more are made soon, I'll be sure to add them to this guide! And if I missed any current ones, please let me know and I'll add them here as well.

Which version (or versions) of Forky are you planning on purchasing? Which of these toys is your personal favorite? Shout out all your thoughts below! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Oh and if you like to see the custom Forky I made back in November, check it out HERE.

Stay tuned for more right here soon! 

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