Saturday, April 27, 2019

Toy Story 4: Slow Foam Plush Bunny (From Just Play Toys)

toy story 4 soft slow foam plush bunny

New for Toy Story 4 from Just Play Toys, here we have a new range of adorable (and oh so soft and squishy) "slow foam" plush! This collection of round, stylized plushies has just been released featuring Woody, Alien, Jessie and Hamm—with Ducky and Bunny (and presumably more) on the way soon. I was given this complimentary sample of Bunny from Just Play Toys at the TTPM event this past Thursday and was excited to share more about the line with you!

Each character is about 4" tall (Bunny here is the exception because of his ears—he's about 6.5" tall) and has a 12" diameter. They're made up of slow rise foam on the inside and soft fabric/embroidered details on the outside. Retail is $7.99 each. Kids will love to squish them and watch as they slowly rise back to their original round shapes! Even for adult Toy Story collectors, these are fun to squeeze and display on a desk or shelf.

toy story 4 soft slow foam plush

As of right now, you can pick up this assortment on the Target website (they currently have Hamm, Jessie and Woody in stock) or Amazon (they have Alien and Woody in stock; links below). I'm sure they'll become more widely available soon and, as mentioned, with even more characters!

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments! Will you be picking any of these up for your little ones (or yourself)?

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