Friday, April 19, 2019

Toy Story 4: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish NOW AVAILABLE!

toy story 4 goldfish

For the fourth year in a row (following Finding Dory, Cars 3 and Incredibles 2), Pepperidge Farm has partnered with Disney·Pixar to bring you some "Special Edition" Cheddar Goldfish—this year inspired by none other than Toy Story 4! The eye catching packaging celebrates the new film and features Bo Peep, Woody and Buzz in action with some subtle carnival accents in the top corner. The goldfish themselves are made up of four styles of crackers: traditional orange goldfish (the classic snack that smiles back), blue goldfish and yellow Buzz Lightyear & Woody shaped goldfish; with no artificial colors I might add (only colors sourced by plants).

On the back you'll find some other favorite faces (new and old) including Dolly, Trixie, Jessie, Peas in a Pod, Hamm, Alien, Bullseye, Forky, Rex, Bo Peep, Buzz and Woody. There's also a little "Help Your Kids Find..." game that little ones will certainly enjoy while they're munching.

toy story 4 goldfish

Here are the actual Goldfish out of the bag. Cute and tasty!

toy story 4 goldfish

Prices may vary by location, but I picked these up at my local grocery store (ShopRite) for $2.49. Apparently they should be hitting all major retailers (including Walmart and Target) on May 1st.

I'm a big kid at heart (like all Disney fans), so I could not resist these. Goldfish crackers are timeless anyway, really any age can enjoy them right? I can't recommend these enough for all you Toy Story fans alike out there. As seen below, even Forky has been enjoying them with me! And come on, he's a spork who can't even eat.

Will you be picking these up for your pantry? They'd even make the perfect movie snack for when the film hits theaters on June 21st. Something to keep in mind! Shout out you thoughts down below.

toy story 4 goldfish
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