Friday, September 13, 2019

Toy Story 4: Build-a-Forky Fridge Magnets + Ducky & Bunny Patch (D23 Expo 2019)

d23 expo forky magnet set and ducky & bunny patch

Hi everyone! Tonight I'm here with another quick post to document some more cool Toy Story 4 freebies I was able to pick up at the D23 Expo last month: a super cute Ducky & Bunny adhesive patch AND a Build-a-Forky magnet sheet featuring seven punch out magnet pieces (celebrating the upcoming home video release). These were given out in and around the Pixar booth if you happened to be there at the right time and talk to the right person.

From what I'm seeing people say, the Forky magnet set is also being handed out at Disney Store locations nationwide (to guests who participate in certain events or pre-order the Blu-ray). If you're interested in getting it for yourself, be sure to talk to your local Disney Store to see if they have this promotional item available. And don't forget, Toy Story 4 will be available to own digitally on October 1st and on Blu-ray/DVD October 8th! That's just right around the corner. SO exciting!

d23 expo disney store forky magnet set

I gave the Forky magnet set to my nephew Noah (he LOVES the character) and we had so much fun punching out the pieces and arranging them on the fridge there at my sister's house. We made happy Forky, mad Forky and...let's just say you can get pretty creative—and we did. It got pretty weird! Good times, good laughs.

d23 expo disney store forky magnet set

Were you able to get these while attending the expo? If not, there are a few listings on eBay currently for both the magnet set and the patch. Let me know your thoughts on these down below!

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