Saturday, September 14, 2019

Toy Story: Flannel Logo Shirt & Sheriff Woody Hat (by Cakeworthy)

toy story flannel shirt cakeworthy

You know what that chilly breeze outside means? Fall is in the air here in Connecticut and I'm so ready for my favorite time of year! Thanks to Cakeworthy, I now have this stylish new flannel long sleeve shirt to wear this season and show off my love for Toy Story at the same time. How cool is this design? I really love the autumnal yellow with the navy blue and red colors—not to mention the striking pencil sketch style Toy Story logo on the back and characters down the sleeve. So unique!

I'm pretty picky when it comes to flannels (and button-up shirts in general), so I was impressed with how much I like the fit of this one. It's pretty soft (100% cotton) and has a decently slim cut, which I prefer. Everything here honestly works perfect for both men and women and the shirt is listed as a unisex fit. As far as the mentioned characters, a Pizza Planet Alien, Hamm, Rex, Slinky and Buzz are featured down the left sleeve. The minimal sketches are both tasteful and playful. 

toy story flannel shirt cakeworthy
toy story flannel shirt cakeworthy
toy story flannel shirt cakeworthy

You might have noticed that awesome Sheriff Woody snapback hat I'm wearing in the first photo as well. Once again, a big thank you to Cakeworthy for the gift! The yellow plaid and cow print design is of course inspired by Woody's signature shirt and vest; and then you have his iconic Sheriff badge and name written in rope! Fantastic design overall—I think a lot of adult fans will absolutely love this one. Again, I'm picky when it comes to hats (I've never owned a flat billl before) and even I really like how it fits!

Note: There is an adjustable plastic backstrap. One size will fit most (also listed as unisex). 

toy story woody hat cakeworthy

You can pick up the flannel on Cakeworthy's site HERE or HERE for $49.95. Same thing for the hat, you can purchase it at Cakeworthy HERE or HERE. I can highly recommend both if they're your style! Be sure to leave your thoughts down below and check out the rest of Cakeworthy's fun Toy Story collection HERE.

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