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Toy Story 4: Forky Talking Action Figure (by Thinkway Toys)

forky talking action figure thinkway review

Hey everyone! Back in April, I posted a one-stop guide to all the different Forky toys to help collectors decide which one was the one for them (see guide HERE). As far as my personal collection, since I wasn't about to purchase every Forky toy ever made (there are just too many of them), I had to narrow down my top favorites—one of them being this 8" tall Forky Talking Action Figure by Thinkway Toys! Thanks to my friends over at Thinkway and Disney Consumer Products, I finally have this one to review for you in more detail.

This is a good mid-sized Forky with sounds, wheels, silly wobbly movements and actual googly eye style eyes. Thinkway did a really great job capturing his quirkiness and likeness! Of course at 8" tall, he's not a movie accurate size, but it's a great option if you wanted a larger Forky (but not the largest) to play with or display.

forky talking action figure thinkway review forky talking action figure thinkway review

Press the button on the side of his "dough" base to hear 15 sayings:
  • "Sooo... what should we do today? Hop in a trash can maybe? That might be niiiceeee..."
  • "Oh I love being in the trash. It's warm, cozy, kind of stinky and SAFE." 
  • "Wait! I have feelings!" *giggles*
  • "Being a spork and alive is really fun!"
  • "Do doo doo doooo..." 🎵
  • "I got a question, why am I here at all?"
  • "Bla, bla. bla, bla, bla, bla..."
  • "You're not making any sense."
  • "Carry me?" 
  • "Bum ba ba da ba" 🎵 
  • "Who are you? I mean, what are you?" 
  • "You're just like me...TRASH!" 
  • "I'm NOT a toy. I am a spork." 
  • "I'm uhhh...Forky?"
  • "I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili and then the trash!"
See the video I posted on Twitter HERE to hear some of these sayings and get a sense of how this toy moves. As you can tell, his sound system is loud and clear featuring Forky's original voice actor, Tony Hale.

forky talking action figure thinkway review

Here's Forky unboxed! Looking great huh? While the rainbow sticker on his Popsicle stick was a nice touch, this version of Forky doesn't have "Bonnie" written on the bottom of his sticks or the Pizza Planet logo on the back of the spork itself—two small details that the Disney Store version got right (which I'll also be reviewing soon). So yah, I wouldn't say this is the definitive Forky, but it's definitely one of my favorites regardless.

forky talking action figure thinkway review
forky talking action figure thinkway review
forky talking action figure thinkway review

One thing I wish here with this one is that rolling Forky along would actually trigger the wobbling movements as the packaging suggests. While he can wobble side to side (and his arms wobble up and down), this does not really happen by rolling him. You need to manually wobble him yourself while pushing to get any of that wacky movement. It's also not a "pull-back" toy, so don't expect that either. That's really my only main nitpick though. Other than that, this Forky is super fun and feels sturdy/quality made overall (yet very lightweight)—perfect for kids ages 4+.

Retail price is $29.99. You can pick this up at your local Target (online HERE) or Amazon using the direct link below. What are your thoughts? What's your favorite Forky toy out there so far? Let me know what you think and any questions you might have down in the comments.

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