Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Toy Story 4: D23 Expo Exclusive "Forky Asks A Question" Lithograph

Debuting exclusively on Disney+ upon launch (November 12th), get ready for the Toy Story 4 inspired mini series Forky Asks A Question! If you thought Forky was hilarious and wanted to see more of him, you're in luck. These [approx.] four minute episodes will explore life after TS4 in Bonnie's room, with specific focus on Forky learning the ways of the world from all our favorite Toy Story pals.

I was lucky enough to see a full episode of Forky Asks A Question at this year's D23 Expo a couple weeks back and let me tell's so funny and charming! You will love it. It seems each episode will follow the same formula, which is essentially Forky asking one of the original toys a "simple" life question; for example, the episode I saw featured Forky asking Hamm "What's money?"—and as you can probably imagine, Forky gets pretty distracted as Hamm tries to explain.

toy story forky asks a question d23 expo lithograph print

Also there at the expo, attendees could get their hands on an exclusive lithograph print and have it signed by the filmmakers! While I didn't have the opportunity to get any autographs, I was able to obtain the print thanks to my good friend Jeff (from This Day in Pixar). What's cool is that the print, seen above, features the first official still from the series and a peek at another episode! This image has not been released in any other way. Super cool right?

I'm especially excited to see this Rex centered episode, since he's always been one of my favorite Toy Story characters. My question for all of you is: what question will Forky ask Rex? Shout out your ideas and predictions down below! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

If you're interested in grabbing one of these for your collection, be sure to check out eBay using this direct link to current listings (there are a couple on there right now).

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