Wednesday, July 25, 2018

MORE Hallmark Pixar Decoupage Ornaments—Happy Christmas in July!

disney pixar hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Can you believe how fast this year is going? Today marks just FIVE MONTHS until Christmas! To celebrate "Christmas in July", I'm taking a detailed look at my updated collection of Pixar Hallmark decoupage ornaments. Though this particular style of ornament started hitting stores clear back in the fall of 2013, I only started picking them up with the release of the Finding Dory ones (which released fall 2016, see my full post on them HERE). So I've had to play a bit of catch up with a few of them!

First, a little background: these "shatterproof" stylized Christmas tree ornaments are geared specifically towards young kids and are available primarily at Target and Walmart stores during the holiday season (RIP Toys R Us...they used to be available there too). Many characters from many different properties have been made in this particular style over the years (DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, Wizard of Oz, Peanuts, Scooby-Doo, Hello Kitty, etc...) and what's nice is that they're extremely lightweight. I really love the designs and figure they'll be perfect for a separate, smaller Christmas tree in our kids' bedroom someday! Each one is about 3.5"-4" in size and retails for $7.

OK, now with this bunch, let's first let's take a closer look at the Monsters University inspired Mike and Sulley (released in 2013)— which I was lucky enough to snag on eBay last year. They're adorable! And very hard to find these days.

monsters university sulley hallmark decoupage ornamentsmonsters university mike hallmark decoupage ornaments

Next up is Buzz and Woody. These originally became available in 2015 (I believe) and have made a comeback every year since. I was so happy to see them back last year at Target and didn't hesitate to grab them up this time! I can almost guarantee they'll be back again for 2018.

toy story woody hallmark decoupage ornamentstoy story buzz hallmark decoupage ornaments

Last but not least, here we have the Cars 3 Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez! These were both brand new releases last year and I was able to find them easily at Target.

cars mcqueen hallmark decoupage ornaments
cars cruz ramirez hallmark decoupage ornaments

The only ones I'm missing now are Mater from Cars, Sulley (regular Monsters Inc. version) and Joy, Sadness, Disgust & Anger from Inside Out. I still hope to track them down somehow! And who's gonna show up this year? Maybe a few re-releases? How about some Incredibles 2 characters? Can't wait to find out.

If you're looking to add any of these to your collection, be sure to check eBay and Amazon as I saw many of them on there recently. And as usual, make sure to leave any comments or questions you might have down in the comments!

Side Note- As a massive Star Wars fan, I've also been collecting all of those characters from this line. Check them out HERE and HERE as featured on my Star Wars Instagram page.

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