Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pixar/Luxo Ball Storage Wall Shelf Review (Hot Topic)

Last September, Hot Topic released this strikingly cool Luxo ball storage shelf and I knew immediately that it was a must-have for my Pixar themed home office wall! If you haven't noticed by now, I absolutely love collecting anything Pixar/Luxo ball related. I've pretty much lost tracked at how many Pixar ball inspired items I have in my collection at this point, but it's a lot. Can't stop won't stop! 

This is a pretty small shelf (measures 14.9" x 14.9" x 3"), which is good for me since I have very limited wall space at this point. The actual shelf part is only 12" across and 3" deep. It's perfect for displaying just a select few smaller Pixar items (I ended up using it to display my Toy Story Funko Vynl and Pint Size Heroes figures for now). If you're looking for a big shelf that will fit a lot of Funko POP figures and/or other collectibles, this isn't it (it'll fit about four or five Funko POPs).

I love the colors on this shelf—they are so much better in person than on the website. Though the brighter colors seen on the site are probably more movie accurate, the more muted colors the shelf actually is [I feel] works better as a decorative piece. It goes with the rest of my office esthetic perfectly and I adore how it looks hung up on my wall surrounded by some of my favorite Pixar art prints. I got this shelf for Christmas and finally just got around to putting it up this week—check it out below! 

By the way, hanging it was a total breeze. There's only one hook on the back (just a single sawtooth hanger; so just one nail needed) and I didn't have to do any real measuring. I usually hate measuring and hanging stuff, but this was easy peasy. Just how I like it.

I can't recommend this enough to any Pixar fan out there! The good news is that it's still in stock over at Hot Topic, so be sure to head there (using THIS direct link) to purchase before it sells out. Retail price is $36.90, but there's also a 20% off code right now which is nice. It's totally worth it!

So what do you think? Did you pick one of these up? If so, I'd love to see how you decorated yours! Share any photos you might have (as well as any of your thoughts/questions) down in the comments.

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