Saturday, February 6, 2021

Monsters, Inc. Scream Canister Water Bottle (ShopDisney)

This scare-rrific Monsters, Inc. inspired water bottle—based on the iconic and instantly recognizable scream can design seen in both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University—was released late last year (around mid-November) at the Disney Parks, the Disney Store and I mean, as a huge fan of the Monsters films, how could I ever pass this up? Not to mention I collect anything scream can related— it's just one of my favorite prop designs and "screams" classic Pixar to me. 

The bottle measures a little over 8" tall (about 10.5" tall up to the top of the straw; the straw is removable) with a 3.5" diameter. It holds 16 oz. of liquid and originally retailed for $24.99. Three AAA batteries are required and included. It has since sold out, but you can currently still view the original ShopDisney listing HERE

Note: It is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

The absolute best part of this bottle is the sounds effect feature. Untwist the top portion of the bottle and you'll hear that signature [ear-piercing] sound as if screams were really filling up the canister. Press the red button on the top of the water bottle to turn on and off the sound feature.

Everything about this bottle "screams" quality overall. The plastic feels very sturdy (it has a nice solid weight to it) and the attention to detail (as far as movie-accuracy is concerned) is fantastic.

Now will I actually use this to drink from? Not sure, time will tell. For right now, it just makes a super cool display piece. Check out my brief video below to see/hear it in action! 

What are you thoughts? Did you pick one of these up for your collection? I know they were super popular and sold out pretty quick, so I feel lucky to have one at this point. If you'd like to try and snag one on eBay, check out current listings right HERE. Let me know and comments or questions you might have in the comments below!

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