Monday, February 8, 2021

Pixar Surprise Party Blind Box Keychains by Mattel


Surprise! Mattel has just released a brand new Pixar themed surprise style [blind box] assortment of clippable characters called, well, Pixar Surprise Party! These were originally suppose to be released at Walmart stores, but ultimately ended up being exclusive to Amazon. Because of this, they aren't very well-known at this point, so I wanted to pick a couple up and help spread the word.

This is a super fun and unique unboxing experience—I personally hadn't ever gotten anything like this before! First, unwrap the outer cardboard packaging to reveal a fully compostable Pixar ball (essentially feels like a little piñata). Next, crush through the middle red star with your thumbs and inside you'll find confetti, a sticker (corresponding to the character you get), a Pixar ball bouncy ball and one plastic clippable character/keychain with silly wiggly limbs! There are five characters total to collect: Sulley, Buzz Lighyear, Jessie, Dory and alebrije Dante. Retail for each blind box on Amazon is $8.99.

Check out some detailed shots below and I hope you enjoy my video unboxing at the end of this post!

As seen in the photo above (see the little arrow I drew on the packaging), just like with the Mattel blind bag minis, these also have codes so you know who you're getting. Buzz was code A and Dory was code E. I'm not sure who the rest are of course (since I didn't get them), but hopefully this info helps even a little bit!

I ordered two and here's who I got—as mentioned—Buzz and Dory! Even though I only got two, I'm still glad I didn't get any duplicates. One of my favorite subtle details is how the confetti color in each ball varies to match the character (Buzz had purple & green and Dory had blue & green). I also really like how the clip itself is a Pixar ball design. There's a lot of Pixar balls going on here with each one and I'm all for it! 

The characters have some really cute and unique stylized designs (I saw someone say they look a bit anime inspired and I'd have to agree) and it's fun how there limbs wiggle when moved from side to side. The character sticker is a nice addition in each set as well, but my favorite aspect of all may be the included Pixar ball bouncy ball! I absolutely love that. Not only is it neat to have a Pixar ball that size in general, but I'm sure they will come in handy in some of my future photographs.

So what do you think!? Will you be ordering any to see who you get? I think I might need to order a couple more in hopes to snag them all (this kind of thing can be addicting). By the way, I know we're a ways off, but I was just thinking that these would also make a perfect Easter basket gift. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and be sure to place your order by using the direct link to Amazon below!

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