Thursday, February 4, 2021

Toy Story: Custom Andy's Room Troll Replica

I was five years old when Toy Story was released in theaters in November 1995 and I started collecting the toys immediately. I'm now almost 31. So for just about 26 years, I've hoped to have a movie accurate troll (as seen in Andy's room) in my Toy Story collection. As a kid, for the longest time, I did have a troll toy with pink hair displayed with my Toy Story collection just to have the character represented—but she was naked (see my post HERE). I didn't ever have the swimsuit she wears in the film because, like many toys in Andy's room, an official Toy Story troll toy was never produced/released by Disney·Pixar. I waited and waited...and nothing. 

Years later (probably around 2010; Toy Story 3 really sparked a new love for Toy Story collecting from both original collectors and new fans), Toy Story customs really started booming online and shared in forums like Pixar Planet. From characters like Roly Poly Clown, Snake, Wheezy, Mr. Spell, Hockey Puck and so on, fans started to get really creative creating custom Toy Story characters that (for whatever reason) Disney refuses to release to this day. Basically the fans said if you won't release them, we'll make them ourselves. And that's exactly what many did. They were far from perfect, but impressive nonetheless.

Nowadays (especially with the rise of affordable 3D printing right at home), Toy Story customs have gotten insanely good and are plentiful (some are honestly even better than the real thing). Anyway, long story short, after all these years I FINALLY have a movie accurate Toy Story troll replica in my collection! I've seen custom trolls like this online for years, but they were always shipped from another country and way too expensive (or just not good enough looking to purchase). I found this one on eBay recently right here in the US (for just $27) and thought it looked GREAT. I couldn't imagine an officially released one looking too much better—so I went for it. SO worth every penny! She fits in perfectly with the rest of my Toy Story collection.

It's not 100% perfect, but no Toy Story toy is (even the Signature Collection toys have plenty of issues). I feel I could probably trim this one's hair down to be a bit shorter (would look more like the film version with shorter hair), but I don't want to mess it up. She has great hair and looks really good as is. The swimsuit is like 97% accurate too—it's all just very impressive. Overall I couldn't be happier with this purchase! A big thanks to this eBay seller who helped one of my collector's dreams come true. 26 years in the making.

This troll is currently out of stock from this seller, but keep checking if you're interested. She has come back in stock multiple times since I made this purchase, so you never know. What do you think though!? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a custom-made troll? Maybe you've made a custom-made troll? I want to see your personal favorite troll custom you've seen. How does this one hold up? Let me know and be sure to share any thoughts, photos and/or questions you might have in the comment section below!

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