Saturday, February 20, 2021

Soul: Complete Plush Collection from Mattel

From Mattel, here we have their complete core plush collection inspired by Disney·Pixar's Soul! This assortment of four adorably designed and incredibly soft 8" plush— featuring Joe Gardner (soul), 22, Mr. Mittens and Mr. Mittens (soul)— is available now on Amazon (direct affiliate links below) and Target online HERE. A big thanks to Mattel for sending these my way to share with all of you! I don't think these ever hit brick and mortar stores (at least I've never seen them) so I wanted to help spread the word of their existence for people who may be looking for more Soul toys/merch. These are perfect for kids and collectors of any age and retail for $9.99 each.

I've really been enjoying Mattel's Pixar plush over the last year (see my review of their Onward plush collection HERE). I like that they're smaller than the Disney Store's medium plush (which saves space and money), but not quite as small as a mini bean bag plush (which doesn't allow for as much detail). They're a great size and feel quality made overall. The most important thing is their likenesses are spot on and a tad stylized! We've all seen some goofy looking plush before that just aren't quite right, but these look fantastic and true to the characters. 

Let me know your thoughts below! If you're interested, there are also some "feature plush" of 22 and Mr. Mittens that include lights and sounds. I've included links to purchase them as well.

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