Monday, April 5, 2021

Cars 3: Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup Trophy (2021 Version)

Welcome back to the blog! My Pixar Cars 2021 collection continues with tonight's Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review—Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup! Honestly this will be a quick write-up since there isn't much to say here with this one, other than it's just been released (I found mine at Target a couple weeks back) and is part of the 2021 singles Case E.

Essentially this is just a reissue of the Cars 3 Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup Trophy; it's almost exactly the same release as the one from in 2017 (seen HERE), but now the Piston Cup is a new version that sports a less than movie accurate color. I passed on the 2017 release (since I already have several Piston Cup accessories), but decided later that I should have grabbed him. This is the next best thing, but I'm not super impressed with the change to the orangier color for the Piston Cup (I feel it was much more accurate gold color before). Be sure to let me know if you agree or disagree and what version you like better.

Look for this on store pegs right now at either Walmart or Target. If you'd rather just pick it up online, you can check out current eBay listings right HERE. Feel free to share your thoughts and/or any questions you might have down in the comments!

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