Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Monsters Inc. Sulley "Duckz" Rubby Ducky Toy (Target Dollar Spot)

Earlier this year, Target released a really cute assortment of Disney inspired mini rubber ducky bath toys—called "Duckz"— at their signature "Dollar Spot" area for just $1. The first wave included rubber ducky versions of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, Tigger and Ariel. They proved to be decently popular and always seemed to sell out quickly with each restock. More recently, within the last month or so, a second wave of these Duckz hit the Dollar Spot bins featuring Donald Duck, Sulley, Elsa and [two characters not from Disney, but DC Comics] Batman and Wonder Woman. I've included photos of both waves there at the store (wave 1 on the left; wave 2 on the right) in the photo above. 

My son Aidan loves Mickey and Sulley as characters—as well as his traditional bathtime rubber ducky— so this mashup couldn't have been more perfect for him. I picked up those two for his Easter basket and they've been a new favorite of his during bathtime ever since. Because this is a Pixar blog, I'll just be focusing in on Sulley here, but you can see the Mickey I purchased in the last pic below as well.

These measure roughly 2.5" tall, 2" wide and 2" long (again, they're mini) and do not squeak. They can take in water from the bottom and it can be squirted out, but these aren't necessarily bath squirter toys. That's really all there is to them! They're very cute, that's the main draw here. Kids will love them and some older collectors may even want to display them.

If your little one loves Disney and rubber duckies, you'll definitely want to pick a few of these up for bath time. You may still be able to find them at your local Target, so be sure to check there first. If no luck, you can check out current eBay listings HERE.

Let me know your thoughts below! Did you collect any of these?

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