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Toy Story 4 "Minis" Blind Bag Collection (by Mattel)—Complete Guide!

At long last! I'm very, very late here (hopefully someone still finds this helpful), but here's my much anticipated guide to all four series in Mattel's Toy Story 4 Minis collection—with blind bag codes! As you probably know if you're an avid reader of my blog, I'm a big fan of Mattel's Toy Story/Pixar "Minis". I have been since they came out back in 2016! I started collecting them right when the original Series 1 debuted way back when and have followed the line closely ever since, getting any "Minis" branded toy I could get my hands on (from blind bag figures, to multipacks, to playsets to vehicles and so on).

Before I move on here to discussing the four Toy Story 4 specifically branded blind bag series from 2019, here are links to every single one of my previous Toy Story Minis posts from over the years:

Original Toy Story Minis (2016-2018):

There you go! That should help you get organized if you're trying to just get into collecting these now or if you just wanted to make sure you're not missing any as part of your collection.

Now moving to the Toy Story 4 blind bag codes guide I created for you, since I know that's probably all you're here for. In 2019, there were three officially numbered Toy Story 4 series (labeled "Series 1", "Series 2" and "Series 3") and one offshoot series without a number that was available exclusively at Kroger stores. The codes are printed on the back corner of each blind bag (I've provided examples below of where on the bag you're looking for and what they look like).

Many of the characters in each series below had already been released in past series, so I'm only documenting the NEW minis here that I haven't already documented in previous posts. For example, for Series 1, Forky and that particular version of Buzz were the only ones I didn't already have. I had already gotten Ducky, Bunny, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Benson and Gabby Gabby in the "Ultimate New Friends 10-Pack", the same version of Woody was also included in the RV vehicle set which I got, and Jessie, Rex and Bullseye are the same as the original versions I got back in 2016.

So yah, to clarify—if you don't see a photo below of a certain character, that doesn't mean I didn't get it. It just means I already purchased it previously.



Buzz Lightyear
*based on original minis Buzz sculpt, but with a new face

*I already posted on Woody, Slinky, Pricklepants, Barbie and Buttercup as they are repacks from other series.
An example of one of the "blind bag codes"—This is code "D"

Forky (version 2—new expression)

Bo Peep (version 2—cape, new pose)


Benson (version 2—open mouth expression)

Buzz Lightyear (winking/laser-firing)
*based on original winking/laser-firing Buzz sculpt, but with a new face
toy story minis buzz winking

Giggle McDimples

Combat Carl

 *I already posted on Bo Peep, Alien and Trixie as they are repacks from other series.
Another  example of one of the "blind bag codes"—This is code "B"

Forky (version 3—new expression)

Giggle McDimples (version 2—sunglasses)

Duke Caboom (version 2—helmet on)

Combat Carl (version 2—volcano attack)

Ducky (version 2—green variant)

Bunny (version 2—purple variant)

Just a note because I know you're probably wondering why there's a purple Bunny and Green Ducky; it's because the scene in the film at the carnival game booth was originally going to feature lots of different colored versions of Ducky and Bunny toys—like these two. This is according to my contact at Mattel who worked on the line. That concept obviously didn't make the final cut of the film, but the toys were still produced.

Woody (with lasso)
*based on original Woody with lasso sculpt, but with a new face
Jessie (version 2—winking)

Buzz Lightyear (blue flame jetpack)
 *based on original blue flame jetpack Buzz sculpt, but with a new face
*This series is mostly made up of repacks and subtle new variants. I've posted the only ones that are unique to this series below. 

Forky (version 4—new expression)

Astro Buzz Lightyear (glow in the dark)
*same as the TS4 Series 1 Buzz above, but with glow in the dark paint

Giggle McDimples (version 3—new expression)

Bo Peep's Sheep 
Billy, Goat & Gruff (version 2—with lost toy "stickers")
Bo Peep (version 3—new expression)

Though at first glance you might see this Bo Peep and think it's exactly the same as the Series 1 Bo, it's actually a *slightly* different new version with an updated facial expression! It's not quite as different as the packaging suggests, but it is certainly different enough. As you can see in my comparison shot below (Series 1 Bo on the left and this Kroger Series Bo on the right), her eyes are now rounder (and looking off to the side), her eyeliner is now brown and her eyebrows are in a slightly different position. 

This updated version of Bo has also now been released in the Pixar All-Star Rivals Series as well.

Well everyone, that's all of the 2019 Toy Story 4 Minis! I'm so glad they're finally documented here as part of my collection and I hope my guide to all the blind bag codes is still helpful to someone out there all these years later. Please let me know if you have any questions down in the comments below! Do you have a favorite Toy Story 4 mini?

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