Friday, April 2, 2021

The Incredibles: Mattel 7" Violet Parr & Fire Jack-Jack Figure 2-Pack

Last year when the continuation of Mattel's expanded Pixar 7" action figure collection was revealed at Toy Fair 2020, many fans noticed the absence of Violet Parr from The Incredibles when all the other Parr family members were present on display. The collection—and family—wouldn't be complete without her and the gap was certainly felt. Well, I'm happy to report Mattel didn't let us down and just released Violet on Amazon as a 2-Pack with fire Jack-Jack! The family is now complete (and then some with multiple versions of Jack-Jack) and they look oh so totally wicked all together ready to fight. 

Mr. Incredible was released in the very first wave of Pixar 7" figures early last year (and also in THIS "Nemesis Pack" with Syndrome) and Dash with Monster Jack-Jack & Water Jack-Jack and Elastigirl with Jack-Jack were released in the second wave last fall. This brand new Violet & Fire Jack Jack figure 2-Pack seems to be a one-off and not a part of any specific wave (Syndrome is also now available individually on Amazon, just fyi; blue/retro suit Mr. Incredible is also slated to be released this year).

I do wish Violet ended up being released on the in-store open blister packaging (and not this closed box Amazon style packaging), but that's a nitpick. I'm just happy we got these characters! The figures themselves look absolutely fantastic. In my opinion, this is definitely the best action figure version of Violet to date going all the way back to 2004. Her likeness/sculpt is spot on, the paint application is great, she stands up good on her own without much finagling and she's an excellent size for both play and display. Fire Jack-Jack is an really fun bonus figure! He looks awesome is and is a really cool translucent plastic. You can never have enough versions of Jack-Jack showing all his different powers. UPDATE BELOW

And here they are out of the box ready for action!

This set was recently available on Amazon for $12.99, but is currently out of stock. It should be back soon though! Keep checking the direct link below for availability and be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Highly recommended! 

UPDATE 4/26/21: Just a heads up, I did end up finding Violet (and Syndrome) on the standard open-blister style packaging at Target this week! Wanted to be sure to let you all know :)

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