Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Coco: Virtual Wondrous Con 2021 Miguel Funko Soda Vinyl Figure—CHASE!

On Friday April 23rd, released this limited edition Virtual WonderCon Exclusive Disney·Pixar Coco Funko Soda Miguel vinyl figure and I was able to snag one before it sold out! Out of the 10,000 of these made, 8,400 out there are the common design and only 1,600 are the CHASE edition (hooded skeleton Miguel). Now here's the thing, I purchased this without any intent of getting the chase—it wasn't even a consideration in my mind. I've never pulled a chase in all my years of collecting and wasn't about to get my hopes up for this one only to be disappointed. Well believe it or not (I still can't believe it), I received a chase!! I was, and kinda still am, completely stunned. 

This is the first Pixar themed Funko Soda release and I couldn't not jump on the hype train! Edna Mode is next, so I'll be excited to get her when she's available soon as well. The figure comes in neat tin soda can packaging, is 4" tall and retailed for $12 (total after tax and shipping was $20.15).

Miguel looks SO awesome! You know I love stylized vinyl figures and the Funko Sodas are especially cute—count me in as a fan! I can tell already that they're a lot of fun with some great theming and can't wait to see more.

Another cool little touch is that the figures come with a small cardboard disc/pog telling you what you got (whether standard or chase) and the LE number. I really dig the art of Miguel on the back and definitely wonder who the artist is!

Well, I guess off to eBay I go now to track down the standard/common design. I certainly wasn't expecting I'd have to do that, but at least I'll be able to easily find that one at a decent price. If you're looking to add this Funko Soda to your collection, be sure to check out current eBay listing right HERE.

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What are you thoughts!? Which edition did you pull? Which Pixar character would you like to see as a Funko Soda figure? Let me know down in the comments and don't forget to check out my YouTube unboxing below. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel for more content!

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