Sunday, May 30, 2021

Disney Store Pixar Luca Merch (Toys, Plush, Clothing & More)— My In-Store Look!

Hey everyone! I know, I'm a couple weeks behind with this post (I was finally able to make it to my nearest Disney Store—an hour away—just a few days ago), but I had to make the time to do this write-up since I enjoy doing it each year! I always love documenting the Disney Store in-store setups here on my blog and giving you a peek at what's available whenever new Pixar merch hits... and this time with Luca would be no different! This tradition began years ago when I was searching online for pictures of older Disney Store merchandise/displays from some of my favorite Disney and Pixar films. I wanted to reminisce, but couldn't find I began doing this for myself and for anyone down the road who may come across this post. So far since I started this blog, I've done this for Monsters University, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Cars 3, Coco, Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4 and Onward. It's a bit of history! Maybe you're coming across this post years from now looking to take a trip down memory lane like I had been trying to do. Who knows?

The Luca merchandise hit online on ShopDisney on Monday, May 17th (see my video rundown HERE) and in stores a little before that. If you've seen what's on ShopDisney already, then you've seen all this. In fact, the website even has a little more than what you see above and below. However, it's one thing seeing all this stuff individually on the website; it's another to see it all displayed together in a the themed section of the store. Totally magical! This stage set is much smaller and more low key than say, Toy Story 4 (or any of the Pixar sequels for that matter) and is much more in line with the amount of stuff we got for Onward last year— but I still love it. It's actually kind of nice and not quite as overwhelming. Very manageable for us collectors.

Check it all out! It's cool, yet also the same ol' modern Disney Store merch. These days, if you've been following with their yearly releases for a while now, you can totally predict what's coming: plush, tees, mugs, pins, figurine sets... (and since it's a summer release, also swimsuits and towels). Pretty standard stuff. Don't get me wrong though— everything does look great all displayed together as usual! I kind of just miss the old days with limited edition items, unique/sought after pieces, snow globes, etc. You know?
Honestly I'm not sure how much of this I'll end up buying (I'll see how much I enjoy the film), but I'm definitely the most tempted by the plush and the figurine set. Enjoy this detailed look!

So what are your thoughts!? Have you gone to your Disney Store yet to check all this out (or maybe already placed an order online)? What are your "must have" items or favorites in general? Looking forward to hearing what you have to say down below. And get ready for Luca, releasing exclusively on Disney+ on June 18th—I couldn't be more ready, just a few weeks away at this point!

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