Saturday, May 15, 2021

Toy Story Glow in the Dark Buzz Lightyear— Mattel's 7" Scale Action Figure Collection

Welcome back to the blog everyone! For tonight's post, I'm taking a quick look at yet another brand new release from Mattel as part of their ongoing Toy Story 7" scale action figure collection—Glow in the Dark Buzz Lightyear! While technically this isn't a new NEW figure (it was first available as an exclusive pack-in with the 2019 Star Command Spaceship Playset), it's new to me as I didn't pick that playset up for various reasons (mostly since I'm not as interested in toys that aren't canon to the films). This is the first time the figure has been released on its own on a single card and I'm very glad it was.
This Buzz is in the same new hard-to-find wave that also includes Combat Carl (which I reviewed HERE) and Bo Peep with Giggle McDimples (a 2021 single carded release of the 2019 Amazon exclusive Bo with Giggle). As mentioned in my post on Combat Carl, this wave is currently incredibly hard to find and has only been spotted at random stores like Nordstrom Rack, certain grocery store chains (like Meijer) and some local toy stores. I ended up finding this Glow in the Dark Buzz on eBay for around $15 (+$10 shipping, so just over $25 total which isn't too bad).

As far as the figure, it's literally just the standard Mattel 7" scale Buzz (the same sculpt that has been released countless times in various sets), but with the added glow in the dark paint on the main chest plate and base of the helmet area. There are no changes to the figure's facial expression or anything else. 

Though this is a subtle variant, it was a must-have for me for sure! I love the glow-in-the-dark feature. Sure, Mattel could have changed Buzz up a little more than they did, but this figure is good enough for me and I appreciate the added gimmick. It works very well as seen in my pic below! Just charge it near a bright light for about 30 seconds and then go somewhere nice and dark.

This figure has 14 points of articulation and stands at exactly 7" tall. Retail price is $9.99, but will vary slightly by location. 

Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have below! Were you able to find this figure in stores, and if so, where? Be sure to stay tuned right here for more from my personal Pixar collection weekly. 

UPDATE: Glow in the Dark Buzz Lightyear IS in fact on Amazon, just in the Amazon exclusive box packaging. Just a heads up though, the product photo in the listing actually shows a Utility Belt Buzz, but according to the description and product reviews, it is in fact this Glow in the Dark Buzz for just $9.99. Get ordering!

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