Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Monogram International Pixar Alien Remix Figural Bag Clip Blind Bags—FULL CASE REVIEW!

Welcome back to the blog everyone—today I'm here with a full case of Pixar Alien Remix Figural Bag Clip blind bags from Monogram International! This collection is out of this world and I'm super stoked to share it with you today. A HUGE thank you to Monogram for reaching out and sending me this assortment to unbox and review! It was extremely generous of them and I'm "eternally grateful". 

This is actually my fourth collaboration with Monogram Collectibles, so if you like what you see here, be sure to check out my other reviews featuring the Toy Story, Toy Story 4 and 25 Years of Pixar assortments. In case you didn't know, Monogram International makes the cutest (and only?) officially licensed pop culture inspired 3D foam figural keyrings and bag clips out there, so you can imagine my excitement when they revealed their brand Alien Remix series of bag clips on Instagram back in February! Monogram consistently does amazing work and those other few collections I reviewed is just scratching the surface of everything they have to offer. Definitely check out their Instagram, Facebook, website, YouTube channel and other social outlets for their latest news, reveals, past releases and new releases. Don't miss out!

To catch you up, if you're not familiar with what this "Alien Remix" theme is all about, last year—to celebrate Pixar and 25 years since Toy Story—Mattel and many other companies such as Funko, Beast Kingdom, ShopDisney and so many more, made figures, apparel, pins, plush toys and other merchandise featuring Toy Story aliens dressed up as different Pixar characters. Now Monogram International has joined the Alien Remix fun with this series of mystery bag clips!

Per usual with these series, there are 11 characters total (nine standard and two mystery "exclusives"): Alien as Woody, Alien as Buzz Lightyear, Alien as Bo Peep, Alien as Forky, Alien as Lotso, Alien as Wall·E, Alien as Merida, Alien as Sulley, Alien as Mr. Incredible, Alien as Bunny (exclusive A) and Alien as Ducky (exclusive B). The same Woody and Buzz aliens were also released last year in Monogram's Pixar Series.

There's typically only one each per case of the "exclusives", so they're much harder to find (in other words, they're "chases"). For the standard/common characters, there's usually two full sets per case plus a few extras. Retail price for each bag is $7.90 and each character measures 2" tall.

For anyone interested in the breakdown of this particular case I received, here's the info: 
  • Woody(x2)
  • Buzz (x2)
  • Sulley (x3)
  • Wall·E (x2)
  • Merida (x3)
  • Bo Peep (x2)
  • Mr. Incredible (x3)
  • Lotso (x3)
  • Forky (x2)
  • Bunny (x1)
  • Ducky (x1

And here they are out of their bags looking stellar together!

All in all, I can highly recommended these to any Disney·Pixar fan who wants to deck out their keychains, backpacks or luggage with their favorite Alien Remix characters! If you're looking to add any of these to your Pixar collection, you can find this series for sale right now at your local Hot Topic (online HERE) or Gamestop (online HERE). They're also currently available on Entertainment Earth. If eBay is more your speed, check out current listings HERE.

Let me know your favorites down below! For me, it has to be Wall·E or Sulley—but really each one is as awesome as the next. What are your thoughts? Who do you hope to pick up?

Lastly, my video review is now on my YouTube Channel! View it below and be sure to like and subscribe for more content like this. 

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