Saturday, September 7, 2013

Toy Story: Pull and Go Vehicles

When Toy Story 3 was released in 2010, Mattel released one of my favorite toy lines that unfortunately has ended since...The Toy Story buddy packs! Many (most) of you have probably seen those at the stores. Anyway, to go along with that line, Mattel released these "Pull and Go" vehicles that each came with an exclusive "buddy" figure. They do exactly what their name pull them back and release them to go! Pretty simple stuff, but fun.

There were six vehicles released: The monster pick-up and the pipe truck (both from the Toy Story 2 street crossing scene and come with Rex and Hamm with cones on their heads), the Pizza Planet truck (with Buzz in his sealtbelt), Lotso's dump truck (with Lotso and his cane), RC (with Woody holding the remote) and Western Train (with Woody and lasso)-the last two I didn't get because I was less interested in them (I already have RC as a normal buddy figure and I have a similar western train from a buddy pack Action Links set) but knowing me, I'll probably end up getting them since I can't help but be a completest. 

  My favorite one of these has to be the Pizza Planet truck. It's so iconic from the original film and I was hoping to have a toy of it to display.

 These can still SOMETIMES be found at the store. I just went to Kmart last week and saw most of them but it's unlikely. Your best bet to find them is Amazon or eBay. They're not pricey to very rare so pick one up if you're interested.

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