Saturday, September 7, 2013

Toy Story Pull and Go Vehicles (Mattel Buddy Pack Collection)

When Toy Story 3 was released in 2010, Mattel released one of my favorite toy lines that unfortunately has since ended...The Toy Story Buddy Packs! If you were any kind of Toy Story collector back when TS3 came out, I'm sure you have a bunch or at the very least remember seeing them. Anyway, to go along with that line, Mattel released these "Pull & Go" vehicles that each came with an exclusive "buddy" figure. They do exactly what their name pull them back and release them to go! Pretty simple stuff (classic pull back toy), but fun nonetheless. They actually move really fast and go pretty far!

There were six Pull & Go vehicles released: The Monster Pick-Up and the Pipe Truck (both from the Toy Story 2 street crossing scene and come with Rex and Hamm with cones on their heads), the Pizza Planet Truck (with Buzz in his sealtbelt), Lotso's dump truck (with Lotso and his cane), RC (with Woody holding the remote) and Western Train (with Woody and lasso). UPDATE 3/01/21: OK I really have no idea what I was thinking or why I didn't feel the need to purchase the RC and train vehicles back in the day (since I do consider myself a pretty avid completist), but now I'm regretting it after seeing them online again recently. Now that I've been reminded of them, I will definitely be tracking them down as soon as I can find them on eBay and will update this post when I do! 

My favorite one of these has to be the Pizza Planet truck. It's such a Toy Story icon and I was always hoping to have a toy of it to display.

These can still SOMETIMES be found at the store. I just went to Kmart last week and saw most of them but it's unlikely. Your best bet to find them is Amazon or eBay. They're not very pricey or rare at the moment, so pick them up soon if you're interested.
Lastly, check out this cancelled wave of Pull and Go vehicles that never ended up being released! Pretty odd assortment, right? We have Rex wearing an army helmet with army truck, Buzz wearing a fireman's helmet with fire truck, an alien wearing a hard hat with construction crane vehicle (looks to be loosely inspired by the one seen at Sunnyside?) and some kind of EMS looking Hamm with an ambulance. Honestly I'm not disappointed this wave never saw the light of day, but I wanted to document it here! It's interesting for sure. I spotted this image on Entertainment Earth's website HERE thanks to a tip from a follower of mine on Instagram. What do you think?
UPDATE 5/08/21: YAY! Though it cost me a pretty penny on eBay at this point (now 11 years since these were released), I finally added the Toy Story Buddy Pack Pull & Go Western Train (inspired by Toy Story 3) with exclusive lasso Woody to my collection! Now the last one I need to find is Pull & Go RC and my collection of these vehicles will be complete. Man, I really should have just picked them up back in the day when they were super easy to find.

Take a closer look below! 

UPDATE 2/09/23: Finally added the Pull & Go RC to my collection! Full thoughts HERE.

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