Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pixar Collection: Hallmark Exclusive 400 Stickers

If you're an avid reader of my blog, then you know how impressed I've been with the current Hallmark exclusive line of Disney·Pixar collectibles. If you haven't seen some of what they have to offer there these days, check out the Hallmark website HERE or visit one of their stores.

One of the products I was instantly drawn to when I saw it was this boxed set of 400 stylized Pixar stickers! The characters featured here are the same fantastic, unique square designs that were revealed on certain products back during the 2013 Disney Expo. I've always loved these designs, so I was thrilled to have an additional product released with them (see other collectibles released in this style such as a mug set, a second mug set, a note card set, a notebook, an iPhone case, a Sticky Note Set and a pencil/eraser set). 

As seen on the back of the package, this sticker box doubles as a sticker dispenser! Just cut off the top portion of the pox and hang a small section of the stickers out of the top side.

There are two rolls of stickers inside. The first roll features stickers of Dory, Russel, Violet, Flik, Pizza Planet Alien, Jack-Jack and Buzz Lightyear.

The second roll features stickers of Wall·E, Mr. Incredible, Boo, Remy, Carl, Squirt and Bruce.

Unfortunately, most of the designs featured on the outside of the box (such as Lotso, Rex, Dug, Woody, Sulley, Mike and Nemo) are not included as stickers with this set.

Despite the smaller selection of characters than I anticipated, this is a fantastic set of stickers. It's well worth the $4.00 price tag. These are not available anywhere online, so if you're interested in getting these for your collection, head to local Hallmark store ASAP! These won't last there long and will most definitely become hard to find.

A big thanks to my parents who surprised me with this in the mail yesterday! I had no idea it was coming. Since I'm not currently living near a Hallmark store, I had described this to my mom for her to track down. She had looked for weeks at multiple stores and finally found this one set, but I never even knew she was actively on the hunt until yesterday. So awesome!   

UPDATE 2/06/15!! 

Story time.

So, something pretty funny and remarkable happened today. I got a comment from blog reader Kristie earlier this afternoon, informing me that this box of stickers does in fact include two additional rolls of stickers (featuring the additional characters seen on the outside of the box that I had mentioned were missing) that are found by opening the bottom portion of the box. I thought, "how could I have missed that? I know I checked the bottom!" But, alas, I checked again and there were no such stickers. 

At this point I figured that my box had some kind of factory error where they only included two rolls of stickers instead of four. I knew it was weird that there was such a slim selection in my box! My plan was to now track down a new set, but how? I don't have a Hallmark near me, so that would pose a problem. Luckily, Kristie also informed me that these were now starting to show up at Walmart (which gave me hope in finding them).

Meanwhile, little did I know that (at almost the exact same time) my wife Brita was at Walmart where she just happened to stumble upon the stickers! She had no idea that I now knew that they sold at Walmart or that I was now trying to find a new set to get my rightful missing stickers. However, she did know, in general, that I had talked about how I wish I had an additional set to actually she bought me three boxes! When she walked in the door, she completely took me by surprise with them. 

I told her about the crazy coincidence/timing she had since I had just found out that new information about them earlier today. I told her about how I found out that stickers were actually missing from my original box, so we immediately opened the bottom of one of these new ones to see what we could find.

Lo and behold- there they were! Two additional rolls of stickers with 13 additional characters. Check them out below:

The third roll features stickers of Eve, Jessie, Hamm, Mrs. Incredible, Lotso, Nemo and Sulley.

The fourth and final roll includes Dash, Woody, Dug, Rex, Edna and Mike.

There we have it. The mystery of the missing stickers solved. My sticker set is now complete (the final count per box is 400 stickers total, 100 stickers per roll and 27 characters). A big thanks to Brita for coming home with such a fantastic surprise! Also I'm happy that I now have four boxes of these things- they're gonna last a long time!

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