Monday, June 2, 2014

Cars: Star Wars Weekends 2014 Pixar Cars (Part 2- Tractors as Stormtroopers)

Following my posts of wave 1 and wave 2 of the Star Wars/Cars mash-up diecasts, here is the final piece to the series...the "Tractors as Sandtroopers" 2-pack, limited to only 2,014 pieces made!

This set was just released a couple weeks back, alongside the main line of series 2. They're available right now for Star Wars Weekends and are exclusive to Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

This is a fantastic set, these cars (or tractors) are extremely detailed and are made of quality diecast metal and plastic. The little box they came in looks great on display, and is actually (to my surprise), a hard plastic case. It retails for $19.99 and is well worth it.

One of my favorite details is seen in the background of the package. Remember in Star Wars: A New Hope when C3-P0 seperates from R2-D2 while roaming the desert of Tatooine? During that scene of 3-P0 wandering in the desolate Dune Sea, he comes across the large bones of a krayt dragon and believes R2 "tricked him to going that way" (Screen shot of that moment HERE and, yes, I'm a lifelong Star Wars geek).

Anyway, what's cool here in the background of this 2-pack is that, instead of krayt dragon bones, you can see the "bones" of some kind of "car creature" that looks to be some kind of crane type vehicle. I thought that was very clever! 

  Here are some more shots of around the entire package:
You may have noticed that the tractors have shoulder pads over their right shoulders, one black and one orange. Just a fun fact about Star Wars in general, the Sandtroopers wear shoulder pads with different colors that specify their ranking. The white (not shown in this 2-pack) is for sergeants, the black is for regular enlisted troopers and the orange is for the squad leader.   

Here's a shot of the box with the regular carded stormtrooper tractor for size comparison. The box looks bigger in pictures, it's actually quite small but, just like the mainline singles, these tractors are 1:55 scale in size and are not made by Mattel. 

Here's a shot of the whole collection together! Pretty awesome, huh? Love it. 

You can pick these up on eBay, at Hollywood Studios in Orlando or by calling the Disney World Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order Hotline at 877-560-6477. If you call that number, they will charge you the "in parks price" and you will only have to pay shipping. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Another big thanks to my fantastic parents for this really fun surprise birthday present and for helping me complete this collection! 

And thanks to you for stopping by and reading the blog. I appreciate all the support. Be sure to check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection!  


  1. OK, so a few things...1) That's really interesting to know about the color of the shoulder pads - I didn't know that. 2) Julie was reading the package after we recorded our last podcast and thinks I messed up on something...but then I saw you noted the same thing in your post. For the Sandtrooper set the way it's worded for the limited edition is tricky. After looking at it again, I'm unsure if it means limited to 2,014 units (since it's 2014) or if it's just limited in the sense that it will ONLY BE PRODUCED during 2014. What are your thoughts?

  2. Yea that confused me for a while too and I did a ton of research and came to the conclusion that it is 2014 pieces made because/in honor of the year 2014. Most eBay auctions say "LE 2014" which always means limited edition and the number produced. Also, I think because it says "of" 2014 and not "for" or "during" or "in" 2014, that it's referring to the quantity. Then I found this description of the numerous places when listing/describing the new 2014 edition cars:

    Chick Hicks as Boba Fett
    Ramone as Han Solo
    Red as Chewbacca
    Tractors as Sandtroopers Limited edition box set limited to 2014 pieces
    Luigi as C-3PO with Pitties as Jawas (2) 3 pack
    Mater as Darth Vader and Doc as Obi Wan Kenobi 2 pack

    I also know this isn't the first time Disney has had the quantity of the LE bethe same as the year.

    Anyway, those are my reasonings after looking it up for quite a while and my thoughts on it... BUT I still could be wrong of course. If you find out anything else, be sure to let me know so, if I need to, I can update this if I'm mistaking : )

  3. Ha! Well it's not too late man...they're not too expensive on eBay for being a limited edition! I got those tractors on eBay for 28 bucks and free shipping, not much more than they are at the parks. You should go for it to complete your set :)