Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Toy Story of Terror: Figure 3-Pack (Gift Pack) UPDATED

Finally! More than half a year later and we finally have some Toy Story of Terror merch! Here we have the brand new Mattel Toy Story of Terror figure Gift Pack featuring Buzz, Jessie and and the first ever toy appearance of Combat Carl!!

These figures are made of sturdy plastic and are about 4 (or so) inches tall. 

First of all, Buzz Lightyear glows in the dark, which is pretty cool...

...But then we have Combat Carl, which is just awesome. This memorable and hilarious character from the short has now been immortalized in plastic. Although this figure is supposed to represent the large Combat Carl figure seen in the film (since he is in scale with Buzz and Jessie here), he can also pass for the Combat Carl Jr. figure seen in the short since he's just about the same size and make that "Jr." would have been as a real action figure!

Also, thanks to my good friend T.J. over at who brought it to my attention that Carl's right hand actually pops off just like in the film! I thought that was pretty neat. More on that soon when I get the time to post some loose pics of this set.

I really hope they make the large 12" version of Carl. It seems as though Thinkway Toys would be all over that idea. 

Then there's Jessie who is also a quality figure with a great sculpt/likeness, but of course, we've seen her as a toy many times. I really wish there were some more new characters from the short available as figures, but who knows, maybe more are on the way.

This set also comes with a DVD of the Toy Story Toon Small Fry (not quite sure why, but hey, I'll take it) and a clip from Toy Story of Terror featuring Combat Carl (the scene when he meets Jessie in the bathroom). This DVD isn't too important to me, since the full Toy Story of Terror special is going to be released on DVD and Bluray this summer, but it's a nice little tease for people to want to see more. 

The back of the package has some cool screen shots from the film and a little info on Combat Carl.

 This is an awesome set with the real highlight being the Combat Carl figure. If you loved the short, you can pick this up on Amazon for $19.99! I'm not sure where else this is currently available or if it will be in stores soon as well.

Like I said, I really hope there are more figures (whether small like these or full size) from the short as well such as Transitron, the PEZ cat, the LEGO Bunny, the Pocketeer and Old Timer the clock.

Thanks for stopping by for today's post and be sure to check back daily for more!

UPDATE 6/22/14
When I wrote this review a few days ago, I was in a time crunch so I didn't have time to take loose images. Well, I'm back from my trip so I decided to go back to this post and take these guys out of the box for you. For your viewing pleasure, below are some loose pictures of the three figures included with this set, including Combat Carl's famed removable hand!

The only accessories included are Jessie's removable hat and her "Toy Story" stand (which is required for her to be able to stand up on her own). I suppose you can count Carl's hand as an accessory as well. 

Buzz and Carl both stand up perfectly on their own without the need of a stand. 

Combat Carl has just eight points of articulation: his head, both arms, his right wrist (the one his hand pops out from), both his legs and both feet. Though it looks like he has articulation in the elbows, those are actually just fake molded joints.

 There we have it! An amazing set, now displayed proudly, loose on my shelf.

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