Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible Tee (Target)

 Ok, how cool is this T-shirt?

Here is the brand new The Incredibles Mr. Incredible tee, sold exclusively now at Target stores in honor of Father's Day. For years, I've seen the really cool super hero graphic tees at Target and always hoped there would someday be a The Incredibles one. I got my wish! 

When my wife went birthday shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I was really hoping I would find this. Sure enough they had just two left, one being my size. 

I really love the retro/vintage look to the graphic on this tee. It's even distressed/worn a little bit, which make it even that much cooler. 

If you're a fan of Disney, Pixar, The Incredibles, or just super heroes in general, this is this is the tee for you. It's made from a quality, soft material and fits really well. It's a really great price too, only $12.99.
Yet another big thanks to my wife Brita for getting me this awesome birthday gift. It's a great addition to my Pixar collection of t-shirts!

You can pick this up at your local Target, if they haven't sold out at this point. The employee I talked to at the store said they are going rapidly and this shirt is a very popular item. 

If you can't find this in your size at the store, it is still available online for purchase HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back daily for even more items from my personal Pixar collection!


  1. As Julie already mentioned to you - yup, now I have another reason to go to Target. As soon as I leave...there's something else I need from there!

  2. Awesome! I was hoping you'd like this tee and I'm glad I could inspire you to go all the way back to Target for it :) It's a new fave of mine for sure! I also haven't seen anyone else post on it. I found it myself by searching "Disney Men's" on and was super surprised to see it! When I got to the store I couldn't find it turned out to be in a random "Father's Day" section away from the main T-shirts. I had to ask an employee for help finding it since I had the UPC code.