Thursday, June 5, 2014

Monsters University: Mike and Sulley "TY" Beanie Babies

Here we have the Monsters University Mike and Sulley TY Beanie Babies plush!

So I had seen these around for a while, but when Brita and I were at Micheal's Craft Store (of all places) a day or two before my birthday, she couldn't resist getting them as a surprise present! I hadn't seen them in person before and thought they were pretty adorable.

Plus the fact, that back in the mid-90s as a little kid, I was caught up in the TY Beanie Baby craze (if you remember that). My older sister and I had collected them for years (probably around 1995-2001) and I'm thinking I have over 100 of them! They're pretty classic and nostalgic for me, so how could I pass up a TY Beanie Baby and Pixar combo? Exactly.

These ones are part of the "Beanie Ballz" sub-line. 

The Sulley one is especially soft and really well made. As much as I love both of these guys, I'm thinking the Sulley one is my favorite of the two.

I don't know if you can tell by this picture of Mike, but he has a sparkly/glittery eye, which I thought was a really nice touch. 

Thanks so much to my wife Brita for these awesome little additions to my already phenomenal birthday!

These show up at random stores and don't know exactly where to tell you to look for them. However, You can easily get them online on Amazon (Mike HERE and Sulley HERE), or on eBay using the link below:

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