Monday, September 8, 2014

Cars: Lightning Ramone

Here we have it, the final version of Ramone (for now) in my collection...Lightning Ramone! As shown in the screenshot above, this is how the character appears near the end of the original Cars- sporting a red paint job and lightning bolt in support of Mcqueen at his big race.

This particular release (or actually re-release) was part of last year's 2013 series and was # 3/8 of the "Retro Radiator Springs" sub-line (which is strange, since this isn't Ramone's "retro" look).

Lightning Ramone has been released numerous times over the years and was also featured in the "World of Cars", "Lenticular Eyes" and "Race O Rama" lines.

This is a really cool look for Ramone and would definitely recommend trying to find this one to add to your collection if you're any kind of Pixar Cars collector. Although he's not available in stores at this point, you can still purchase him online on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Cars: Lightning Ramone

Honorable mentions:
I know there are a few other Ramones out there that I don't have here on my blog or in my collection, such as Ghost Light Ramone, Wedding Day Ramone, Retro Ramone and Christmas Cruiser Ramone, but that's because I'm just a collector of cars seen in the actual two films (and the occasional short film). The only one I'm actually missing from the films is the Cars 2 Union Jack Ramone (that was only released in a Target gift pack). If anyone has an extra or would like to sell theirs, just shoot me an email!

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check back here daily for more from my Pixar collection. 

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