Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toy Story: Vinylmation Series 2

For a "back to school" present, my parents just hooked me up with this complete set of the brand new Toy Story Series 2 "blind box" Vinylmations! I'm extremely excited, especially since we won this on eBay for only $83. It was such a steal of a deal!

The Toy Story Series 1 Vinylmation was the very first series I started collecting (back in 2011), so I guess you could say I've made it full circle.

This series is made up of eight (rather than 12 like in the first series) brilliantly designed characters representing all three Toy Story films: Woody's Roundup Marionette Woody & Jessie, Mrs. Nesbitt Buzz, Trixie, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Dolly and (the chaser) Twitch.

Check out detailed images of all eight characters below:

Woody's Roundup Marionette Jessie (by artist Maria Clapsis)

 Woody's Roundup Marionette Woody (by artist Maria Clapsis)

Mrs. Nesbitt Buzz (by artist Thomas Scott)

A really cool detail with this Buzz is that his left arm is "invisible"/transparent to represent his broken off arm during this scene in the film- which he also comes with (and can hold). Additionally, his helmet can be removed, which I thought was a neat touch.

Trixie (by artist Ron Cohee) 

Mr. Potato Head (by artist Ron Cohee) 

Mrs. Potato Head (by artist Ron Cohee)

Dolly (by artist Ron Cohee)

Twitch (the chaser, by artist Ron Cohee)

 Technically, there is a ninth in this series which is the "variant." The variant in a series is extremely rare and is always a variation on a character already included in the series. For example, the variant in this series is Mr. Potato Head with his "Picasso" face (seen HERE) and sells for well over $100 online.

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 There we have it! The amazingly vibrant Toy Story Series 2 Vinylmations together in all their glory.

Also, be sure to check out my interview with one of the fantastic artists of this series, Ron Cohee, about the making of Vinylmations and his career as a Disney artist.

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