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Pixar Collection: Vinylmation Villains-Series 5 (Pixar)

On August 19th, the Disney Store and the released series five of their popular "Vinylmation Villains" blind box collection- this time Pixar themed! This "Pixar Villains" series debuted first at the San Diego Comic-Con this past July with six exclusive limited edition characters, available only to those at the convention (SEE POST HERE). The series now continues with eight additional characters for a total of 14 Pixar villains.

The eight "villains" included in this Disney Store blind box collection include: Mor'du (Brave), Thumper (A Bug's Life), Charles Muntz (Up), Waternoose (Monsters Inc.), Dean Hardscrabble (Monsters University), Darla (Finding Nemo), Syndrome (The Incredibles) and, the "mystery chaser", Al from Al's Toy Barn in chicken suite (Toy Story 2). They are the standard Vinylmation size of three inches tall.

For a Labor Day/back to school present, my awesome wife (a huge thanks to her!) got me my first three of these Pixar villain Vinylmations. Below are the ones I was lucky enough to get:

Charles Muntz (by artist Gerald Mendez)

Waternoose (by artist Marvin Lao)

Darla (also by artist Gerald Mendez)

Love the addition of the fish baggie accessory with Nemo, scared out of his mind, seen inside! That was a great touch, very clever.

Three down, five to go! I'm very excited to continue adding more from this series to my collection within the next few weeks/months. Updates will be added here, so look for those soon.

If you're interested in adding these great Vinylmations to your collection, you can find them at your local Disney Store or at the HERE. They retail for $12.95 individually, but if you'd like to purchase an entire case for $207.20, you can pick that up HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check back soon. More items from my Pixar collection are added daily, so stay tuned!

UPDATE 9/17/14-

A big thanks to TJ and Julie (from who helped me get these latest additions to my Pixar Villains Vinylmation series...Syndrome and Dean Hardscrabble! They were awesome enough to do a little trading with me and it worked out great for the both of us.

These were the two I was probably most excited about in this series, given that they're the most unique (I'd say) of the eight.

First of all, Syndrome (by artist Enrique Pita). There's no denying he's just wickedly cool. Just look at that hair! This one has to have one of the coolest Vinylmation designs I've seen in a while. Plus, who doesn't love The Incredibles?

Dean Hardscrabble here (by artist Enrique Pita) also has a fantastic design. It's really neat how they included an extra piece (a "neck extension") to give her some height! It really adds to her intimidating look, as well as her creepy "crab-like" tail along the back. Great work!

UPDATE 9/22/14- 

My sixth Pixar Villain we have the fierce Mor'du from Brave (once again by artist Enrique Pita). This design impressively captures the character's look and frighting nature from the film and is a most welcomed addition to my collection! He will look great displayed with the other Brave themed Vinylmations that have been previously released (Merida, the triplets, King Fergus and the Witch).

UPDATE 9/27/14-

Here is my second to last "villain" from this series; Thumper from A Bug's Life! This one was just added to my collection today.

This is another very cool design (by artist Marvin Lao) and a unique choice to be included with this series. Even though he was a minor villain, the moments in the film featuring this deranged grasshopper were both frighting and memorable.

Thumper's scary appearance is captured great in this design. It's really well done and will look great displayed with my other A Bug's Life Vinylmation characters (Flik, Hopper, Heimlich, Francis, Tuck & Roll and Dot).

If you could see other characters from A Bug's Life made into Vinylmations, who would you like to see?

Seven down, one to go! The only one I need to complete this series is the chaser-Al in his chicken suite! That's the one I'm most excited for, but unfortunately he's also the hardest (and most expensive) to find. Wish me luck on the hunt! 

What are your thoughts on this series? Leave your comments below.

 UPDATE 11/13/14-

"It's the chicken man!!" -Rex, Toy Story 2

Finally! The very rare and sought after chaser from this series, Al in Chicken Suit (by artist Gerald Mendez), has now been added to my Vinylmation collection. This one marks the completion of my Vinylmation Villains 5 Series! 

This one has been very hard to track down for any reasonable price. For whatever reason (probably because of the extra awesome design of this guy), this one has been more rare and expensive then most chasers; selling for prices between $60-$80. To put it in perspective, chasers generally sell between $20-$50.

For me personally, this is probably my favorite Pixar related chaser out there from over the years. I'd go as far as to say it's one of my favorite Pixar Vinylmations in general! It's just such a unique and wacky design—so much different than any other release. It was the perfect choice to be the chaser and I can see why so many people are really seeking this one out.  

It seemed at first that the chicken mask comes off, but it doesn't appear that way now that I've tried. I tugged on it quite a bit, but was not trying too hard since I didn't want it to break. Possibly, it does come off if, but I wouldn't risk trying.

This is a near perfect design. However, one thing I do kind of wish though, is that the chicken suit's eyes were included (as seen in the picture below from the film). This is a big detail that was missed, and is ultimately of minor concern for me, but I may have painted the "Mickey Ears" white and added pupils (instead of painting them blue), but that's just me. 

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I'm so happy that this series complete! All 14 (remember, the first six were 2014 SDCC exclusives, see post HERE) look fantastic together. Check it out below! 

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