Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monsters University: Imaginext Scare Games Play Set

From Fisher-Price's Imaginext line of toys, here we have the Monsters University Scare Games play set!

This set represents two of the five Scare Games seen in the film. The bottom level of the play set is based on the "Toxicity Challenge" (that takes place in the university's sewers) and the upper level represents the final "Simulated Scare Challenge" (that takes place at the scaring stadium).

There are two standard plastic Imaginext figures included, Sulley and Omar. Unlike the two Sulleys that were released in the standard figure packs, this one doesn't include an Oozma Kappa sweater or a MU I'm especially glad I grabbed this set so I can have all three versions as part of my collection. The only other ways to get this basic Sulley is by getting the Monsters Inc. Factory play set or Sulley's truck vehicle. The Omar figure is exactly the same as the standard 3-pack release (as seen in this post).

This is a well made, colorful, durable play set with some fun sounds (requires/includes two AA batteries) and play features:
  • Includes a removable canon that can be placed in a variety of different spots on the set. Insert one of the two included glow in the dark "stinging glow urchins" to fire them at the scare games competitors. 
  • Includes removable EEK and JOX banners that can be hung anywhere on the set where hooks are located.  
  •  Includes a removable score board that also can be placed in multiple areas on the set.
  • Place a character on the base on the bottom level (as seen above with Sulley) and twist the red knob. The character will move side to side, the obstacles will spin and you'll hear a variety of different movie phrases and screams. 
  • Turn the red knob on the top level to make the scare simulator "test kid" pop up with scream sounds from Mike Wazowski (as seen below).
Additionally, there is an opening hatch on the top of the play set, which I assume represents going down into the sewer.

If you have a young Monsters University fan, I can't recommend this play set enough. They don't get much more fun than this, especially if you have other figures and sets to go with it. The age range is approximately 3-8 years old and sells for about $29.99 (although it did come out over a year ago and can now usually be found on sale). If you interested in picking this up online, you can find it on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Monsters University: Imaginext Scare Games Play Set

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