Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cars 2: Radiator Springs Ramone

Back in April of this year, I featured a "Ramone week" here on the blog where I posted all the Mattel Ramone diecasts from my Cars collection: Purple (original) Ramone, Body Shop Ramone, Hydraulic Ramone (purple), Hydrualic Ramone (red), Old School Ramone, Yellow Ramone, and Green Ramone.

As the result of a hard-drive crash near that week, I had lost a bunch of pictures of my Cars and Cars 2 collection. Included in the pictures I lost were two versions of Ramone that I was never able to post. Finally, just last month, I was able to take a trip back to Connecticut (where I'm from and where all my Pixar collection is located while I attend school in Idaho) and re-take all the photos. Now I can finish what I started!

"Radiator Springs Ramone" here is from the original Cars 2 series (#29) and was released in the late Spring of 2012. This is a great look for of my favorites! I just love the vibrant, orange tie-dye paint job. As shown in the screen shot above, this is how the character appears near the very end of Cars 2.

Additionally, this is a "chase" edition car, which means only a limited quantity was produced. I was lucky enough to find this one, not at the store, but in the main gift shop on board the Disney Fantasy cruise ship during my honeymoon in June 2012.

For being a "chase" car though, he is not hard to track down online whatsoever. He can easily be found (for reasonable prices) on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Cars 2: Radiator Springs Ramone

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