Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cars: Luigi, Guidor & Tractor Movie Moments 3-Pack

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you're all having a fun, safe and delicious holiday.

Today's post we have the 2006 (original Cars "Desert Series") Mattel 1:55 scale Movie Moments 3-Pack featuring Luigi, Guido and Tractor. I've been looking to add this to my collection for years (since I missed it originally, but it has been hard to track down for a good price. I have to give a huge thanks to my wife Brita who hooked me up with it this morning as one of my Thanksgiving presents. I'm so incredibly thankful for her in my life!

In the film (screen shot above), these characters can be seen together when the tractors stampede into Radiator Springs - with some making their way into Guido and Luigi's tire shop.

This 3-pack has been released numerous times over the years; in the original "Desert Series" (seen here), the "Supercharged Series" and the "World of Cars Series."

I'm happy to now have this great set as part of my felt especially incomplete without it!  If you're looking to pick this one up as well, your best bet is to track it down on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Cars: Luigi, Guido & Tractor Movie Moments 3-Pack

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