Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monsters University: "Scaring All-Stars" Coloring Book With Collectible Scare Cards

Back last year when Monster University was in theaters, the director of the film, Dan Scanlon, stated (or more so hinted) through a tweet that scare cards would soon available to own. Almost a year and a half has passed now and there is still no sign of official scare cards being released to the general public.

However, some scare cards have been officially released as limited releases/exclusives, such as the ones available only at the Disney Parks during their "Monstrous Summer 24 Hour Event" last May, the ones available only at the Disney Store last fall (see my post about those HERE) and the ones that were given only to movie theater projectionists with special instructions for the projectionists on them (see my post about those HERE and read all you need to know about the all the different scare cards that have been released ).

Anyway - Back in July of this year, Random House publishing (Golden Books) released this "Monsters" coloring book called "Scaring All-Stars", which includes many characters and key scenes from both films for young kids to color. In addition, and what makes this book extra awesome, is that it includes 16 "tear out" scare cards on two perforated cardstock sheets! So, in a way, I guess you could say this is the first time scare cards that have been officially available to the general public - even if they're not in collectible packs or the same quality make as the previous exclusives were (but more on that below).

First of all, here's a peek at some of the coloring pages included in this book (I know, I know, just get to the scare cards right?):

Ok now onto what you're here for - the scare cards! Like mentioned, the cards come on sheets so you have to do the tearing to get them out. As seen below, they are perforated (meaning each card is connected by a row of small holes in the paper so that they may be torn apart more easily) but are still very delicate. It was very tedious getting them separated without ripping any of the cards themselves...but I was able to do it just fine.  

And yes, they do have their full stats on the back of each card!

The 16 cards that come with this book are:

  •  Darryl Payne 
  • Frank McCay
  • Randall Boggs 
  • Rufus Remerez 
  • Ted Pauley 
  • Carla Benitez 
  • Carl Johnsom 
  • Pete Ward 
  • James P. Sullivan
  • Jerry Jablonski 
  • George Sanderson 
  • Earl Thompson (Rookie Card)
  • Bob Peterson 
  • Clive Carver 
  • Betty Stevenson 
  • Carol Dallmar

 Here they are all torn out from the book - looking great!

So how do these hold up compared to the official Disney Parks/Store exclusive versions? Well, they are of course, not the same high quality; but are still well made! These ones are much more "card-stocky" and have that wide white boarder around the image which makes them a tad bigger than the "official" versions. The officials ones feel more like a baseball card (or any other type of collectible trading card) when you handle them, have smaller boarders around the images and have more shine to them. The images of the characters, designs and stats though remain exactly the same between these and the official versions. 

Ultimately, these make for a great substitution for the official Disney Parks cards for those (like me) who weren't  lucky enough to get them at the time of their limited release. While there are only 16 character cards here with this book (compared to the 34 that were released within the "official" cards), it's still a satisfying amount that I feel happy to have. 

Additionally, there is actually one character/card included here in this book that has NOT been released any other way - Carol Dallmar. So, if you're one of the lucky ones who have all the "official" ones, you might still have to track down this book to get the Carol card (if you're a completist like me).

I'm still hoping that we'll get more released to the public someday, either in this way or official packs, but for now these will absolutely do. If you'd like to purchase this book, your best bet is to just snag it on Amazon for only $3.59. Don't be fooled by those eBay sellers trying to sell these same exact scare cards for $50!

Last but not least, a BIG thanks to blog reader and fellow Pixar fan Randy Allen who surprised me with this in the mail! That was super thoughtful and I'm grateful; I could not believe that I had no idea about this great book. 

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