Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wall-E: Search 'N' Protect Eve

Back in 2008 Thinkway Toys released a slew of Wall-E products, including a series of detailed action figures. Now, why I didn't get these toys is beyond me, but luckily we now have a second chance for at least a couple of them!

Just last month, Thinkway toys re-released two of the hardest to find figures from their original 2008 action figure line; this "Search 'N' Protect Eve" and "Cube 'N' Stack Wall-E"  . Both are part of the new Disney/Pixar Toys R Us exclusive collection. I'm especially happy this Eve has been re-released  since the original, seen HERE, sells for typically between $80 and $150!

As seen on the back of the package, other new action figures that have been released as well include: the mentioned Cube 'N' Stack Wall-E, Mr. Incredible, Syndrome, Bruce and Nemo.

Note: Sorry for the pictures here (in regards to my reflection in all of them). This one was so tough to photograph without any reflections because of her shiny face.

I'm  extremely impressed with this figure. Her details and features are top of the line! Below we have Eve out of the package with her six included accessories: a clear stand, a break away rock formation, a light bulb, the boot with the plant and her "snap-on canon blaster" arm. As far as articulation, her head can move side to side and her arms can move up and down (you can also push the arms into her sides as well, just like in the film). She measures 4" tall (5" with the stand) and 1 1/2" wide.


Press the button on her back; the doors swing open to reveal her storage compartment! Place boot inside to take it back to the Axiom for analysis.

 The light bulb can be attached to her hand to recreate the movie's memorable scene.  

Press down Eve's head to reveal six different facial expressions! I think this is an awesome feature and is one of my favorite things about the figure. Because of the reflections I was getting while photographing her face, I just included a close up of the back of the box featuring the expressions.

Last but not least, you can detach Eve's right arm and replace it with her "canon blaster" arm. Press the button on the boulder to make a piece of it "explode" off, as if Eve was firing a shot at it.

Again, this is a fantastic figure that I'm so happy to now have as part of my collection. If I was to say anything negative about it though, I'd say that the price is way over the top for just an action figure. Back in 2008, this same figure retailed for $9.99 (which I feel is pretty spot on) but he now sells for $19.99 - double the price. Nonetheless, I'm still a fan of this figure and the entire new Toys R Us Disney/Pixar line.

You can currently find this very easily at your local Toys R Us store...or, if your prefer, you can snag it online on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Wall-E: Search 'N' Protect Eve

A HUGE thanks to my amazing wife Brita who gave me this on Thursday as a Thanksgiving present! That was very thoughtful and I'm so thankful for her everyday.

And thanks to you for stopping by and visiting the blog. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Stay tuned for more soon!

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