Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cars: Hot Topic Radiator Spings Tee

Hot Topic has recently released this new Pixar Cars "Radiator Springs" themed graphic tee. As soon as I saw this while browsing their website recently, I knew I had to get it (given my fandom for the Cars franchise).

While I've never been one to shop at Hot Topic, I've really enjoyed the Pixar themed shirts that they've released over the last year or so. They fit really well, have cool simplistic designs and are a  soft, quality material - this one is no exception. I especially love the retro, almost 50's-esque feel of the Radiator Springs logo on this tee. It really captures the feel of the film!

This is currently available in stores or on (purchase HERE, but hurry since these tees don't usually stay in stock for long). Note: the tee is currently on sale for $16.40 online, so now would be a great chance to snag it if you were interested. 

Additionally, be sure to check out the posts I did on my other Pixar Hot Topics tees; ones based on Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E. Also, check back tomorrow for yet another one!

If you're any kind of Disney/Pixar fan or fan of Cars in general, I would definitely recommend picking up this very cool and unique t-shirt. I've never seen one like it, and there may not be one like it out again, so I'm happy I ended up picking it up. You won't be disappointed!

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