Friday, June 24, 2016

Finding Dory: "Swigglefish" Collection WAVE 1

finding dory swigglefish

New from Bandai Toys, here we have this exciting collection of Finding Dory "Swigglefish"! What is a Swigglefish you might ask? Well, these are. They "swim", they "wiggle" get it! This is a really fun figure assortment, currently featuring nine memorable characters from the hit film: Hank, Dory, Fluke (Target gift set exclusive- more on that below), Squirt (Target gift set exclusive), Nemo, Rudder (Target gift set exclusive), Bailey, Destiny and Marlin. Each character is plastic and about 4" in size.

These are the only Finding Dory figures that have "motion outside of the ocean" (As Bandai has stated). Each "fish" (even though they're not all technically fish) has a wheel underneath which triggers a unique "swimming" movement when the character is rolled along a hard surface. Note- these are not intended for water use.

finding dory swigglefish

SINGLE PACKS ($6.99 each)- 
As seen on the back of the package, six of the nine Swigglefish are available individually on their own cards (like the Bailey and Destiny I have here below).

finding dory swigglefish

finding dory swigglefish Bailey

finding dory swigglefish destiny

The easiest way to get most of the bunch, plus three exclusive characters, is to pick up this Target gift set. I love that this includes Rudder, Squirt and Fluke! If you're looking to start this collection, I would highly recommend beginning with this set and then getting the remaining figures (Destiny, Bailey and Marlin) individually.

finding dory swigglefish target set

finding dory swigglefish hank

finding dory swigglefish dory

finding dory swigglefish fluke

finding dory swigglefish squirt

finding dory swigglefish nemo

finding dory swigglefish rudder

Speaking of Marlin, where is he you might ask? Well he also comes with the Marine Life Institute Hank Truck Playset, which I showed off in PART 2 HERE. Since I already had that, there was no need to get him individually as well.

I really love this collection. I think young fans of the movie will have a blast playing with and collecting their favorite characters. It was fun to take them out of the package and test each one's unique movement (which I'll be showing soon in an upcoming YouTube video). You can find them at really any mainstream toy store such as Walmart, Toys R Us and Target.

According to Bandai, there will be 18 Swigglefish figures launched in 2016 (I'm not sure if that includes the three Target exclusives or not); so look for more later on this year! Stay tuned right here for additional sets soon.

A big thanks to Bandai Toys for sending some of these over! They're looking great.

UPDATE- My YouTube video is now up! Check it out below to see these and all the corresponding sets in action.

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