Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finding Dory: Disney Store Baby Dory Plush

disney store baby dory plush toy

"Hi. I'm Dory. I suffer from short term remememberly loss. I like sand. Sand is squishy."

Baby Dory (or toddler Dory), as seen in Finding Dory, might just be the cutest thing you see on screen all year. Her big eyes, her adorable little voice... I mean, come on. Even movie goers with the hardest of hearts were no doubt softened by her appearance.

I'm sure many people walked away from the film wishing they could have a little Dory of their own to bring home with them. Well I have good news! Now you can. Available as of today exclusively at the Disney Store, here we have this "fin"tastic baby Dory mini bean bag plush.

disney store baby dory plush toy

This is a wonderfully crafted, very soft plush with embroidered features and a pretty nice likeness to the character. She really is a cute as can be. She measures about 8" in length and retails for $9.95.

disney store baby dory plush toy
disney store baby dory plush toy

I work at the Disney Store and I can tell you right now that this will be one of the most popular plushes ever. Today alone we sold an unfathomable amount of these; people walking by just couldn't resist! One lady even bought like 15 of them (no joke).

Don't be like Dory and forget about this one until it's too late. Be sure to swim over to your local Disney Store (or online HERE) and get yours today. Also, if you'd like to witness the cuteness over and over again (while you wait for the Blu-Ray), check out THIS clip released by the official Disney·Pixar YouTube channel.

baby dory plush
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